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101st Rankings (For the 101st clan): 1/13/2013 22:55:51

Level 57
[FOR THE 101st CLAN, as it will be not of any use to others] Dear 101st clan this is for you to see better what I am gonna do with rankings :).like I said a couple of weeks ago in are team lobby. I was going to do a rankings system with ranks from Private - general. It will be judged on tournaments, games(e.g skill, teamwork, e.c.t) Helping me out and other things. There will be 5 staff members that there will share some of my lead. Through the ranks various jobs will be given out not to do work (lol), setting up games and tournaments.
The ranks will be as followed: mostly military true. I added a lot so that you won't get stuck on just one rank.
•FM.- Field Marshall
•Gen.- General. =Me only because I founded it.
•L.Gen.- Lieutenant General
•M.Gen.-Major General
•B.Gen.- Brigadier General
•Col.- Colonel
•L.Col- Lieutenant Colonel
•Maj.- Major
•Cpt.- Captain
•F.Lt- First Lieutenant
•S.Lt- Second Lieutenant
•S.Maj- Sergeant Major
•Ofc.- Officer Student =Freedom crusader because he was the first one in the clan.
•M.Sgt- Master Sergeant
•T.Sgt.- Technical Sergeant
•S.Sgt- Staff Sergeant
•Sgt.- Sergeant
•Cpl.- Corporal
•L.Cpl- Lance Corporal
•Pfc.- Private First Class
•S.Pfc.- Private Second Class
•Pvt.- Private (everyone in the 101st)
•Rct.- Recruit (people in Recruitment.)

Anyway there's the ranks. According to me.
The promotion relegation league links will be posted tomorrow. And the other tournaments so far.

That's all from me . Thank you the 101st clan and I will tell you on each of your progress.
101st Rankings (For the 101st clan): 1/14/2013 00:51:53

Level 26
i like how you always justify yourself when you place your self in like the general position or in the veterans group.
101st Rankings (For the 101st clan): 1/14/2013 12:49:43

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
burgoo,he's good, one of the best of the veterans, i'd rank him third but i don't know all the others very well
101st Rankings (For the 101st clan): 1/14/2013 15:22:34

Level 58
don`t you have a clan site to post this on?
101st Rankings (For the 101st clan): 1/14/2013 15:51:01

no one
Level 57
one rank for one people?
101st Rankings (For the 101st clan): 1/14/2013 16:58:00

Level 57
@min we do but they won't check on that.

@X no there can be more than one on each rank
101st Rankings (For the 101st clan): 1/14/2013 20:26:21

Level 26
warflow when did i say he was bad? i never questioned his skill. its just that he created a clan and should be able to do whatever he wants, i dont udnerstand why hes justifying his actions
101st Rankings (For the 101st clan): 1/14/2013 21:09:06

Level 57
it's because im just like that
101st Rankings (For the 101st clan): 1/15/2013 23:56:13

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
Well if Alex is third I am wondering how high the general quality has to be:OO
I mean, to be a S.Pfc. how bad have to be?
Do you do any clan activity in order to lose skills or one of the clan's equipment is a big hammer with which people can hit their brains?:/
101st Rankings (For the 101st clan): 1/18/2013 01:33:12

Level 26
why do you care? just let him do what he wants,
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