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My First Map (The Greaterlands): 8/17/2014 17:30:55

Level 33
I started this map ( before summer and went on vacation, but now I'm back and want to finish this map pretty soon. My problem is that naming each individual territory is pretty time consuming so I am opening it up to the warlight community to help me name the rest of the territories. I might even name some of the territories after your usernames (if they are not too crazy looking :P) just to show my appreciation and to add a bit of history to the map.

If you look at Regaltun around the capital and the north-western island of The Frey I have named a couple of those territories, this is the kinda theme I'm going for. I also used names of landforms such as; coast, straight, shore, strand, channel, ayre, and point. I also used words such as, township, district, city, etc...

Now a bit of background to the map. There are 7 kingdoms in the Greaterlands with Regaltun being the Grand Kingdom ruling over the rest.

Regaltun: Rich and powerful, military focused, House names are based of 700 A.D. England, landscape is like England flat and great for farming.

The Frey: Strong old fortresses, navy focused, based of the Scottish, landscape is like the Scottish cliffs and isles.

Dalendria: Lots of civil wars and rebellious towards the crown, very large untrained military, overpopulated, based of the middle east, landscape is very dry and barren with loads of desserts.

Gaavania: Industrial society, based of the Germanic tribes, landscape is full of marshland and hills.

Oshendell: Smart sophisticated society, small but very well trained army, sort of like the elvish but human, landscape is lush tall forests.

The Aesor: Relatively unexplored thick jungle, rumoured to have mythical beings and dark magic, very small population with ruins of great cities.

Norland: Poor and weak, cold and mountainous landscape, based of the vikings and norse.

Any other feedback or pointing out any mistakes that I've made would be nice.

Thanks, Connor.
My First Map (The Greaterlands): 8/18/2014 20:31:35

Level 33
Also how much do you guys think the super-bonuses should be worth? (right now they are all at 4)
My First Map (The Greaterlands): 8/20/2014 09:42:07

Level 57
Good map and some nice historic back ground. Its a lot like the game of thrones maps but that's not a problem. For your first map I presume, the overall build is not to bad. I will point out any mistakes when I look over it.

Out of interest, whats that font called?

Edited 8/20/2014 11:09:55
My First Map (The Greaterlands): 8/20/2014 19:51:37

Level 33
Thanks, yeah it's heavily inspired by the westeros maps. I designed it to be played primarily for diplomacy games, was getting a bit bored of the westeros diplomacy games so thought I'd create my own fantasy world. As for the font its Trajanus Roman by Roger White, you can download it for free on fontspace. Any ideas on how much the super bonuses should be worth? I was thinking it should be worth however many territories each given kingdom has in total divided by 3 and then plus 2 armies per every territory that shares a border with another kingdom, so Norland would only be its total divided by 3 since it dosent share any borders.
My First Map (The Greaterlands): 8/22/2014 12:02:46

[Ag⁴⁷] Wolffe
Level 55
A formula to keep a consistent bonus distribution is always a good idea. Also, while I think this is a great map, I have a big issue with the gaps between the territories that are supposed to touch. Before release, I'd fix all those up first, to make everything look cleaner and tidier, but that's just me.
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