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The guide to making a perfect alt: 8/20/2014 21:27:33

Level 59
Alts are everywhere in the Warlight community. That is a fact of life; most people have come to accept this. However, how many alts are 'perfect' alts, meaning, a character you created that absolutely no one guesses is a secondary account, but, instead, is widely accepted as an actual person? This is a highly difficult thing to achieve, but, I can attest to my success in this field. While I won't give specifics, I will admit that a) a lot of you know me and yet b) absolutely none of you actually know who I am. ;)

Now, on to the actual point of this thread! Below, I shall write out the steps you should undertake to create a "perfect" alt, that you can use in whatever way you want.

Chapter 1: Beginning. Levels 1-20

Create the character. Name it whatever you want, although I would not suggest names like "MY ALTS ARE ON FIRE".

Every day, play at least one 1v1 game with your alt against your main account. The main account must lose. Of course, this will not help your 1v1 stats, but if you counter this by letting the main account win a game in return, it will all balance out. If you do not wish to do this, create or use another alt instead of the main account, but note this may not help with points. Do this until level 20.

The rules: Absolutely no forum posts. Ever. Zilch. Level x<20 players don't know forums exist. If you use the forums at that level you will automatically draw suspicion to yourself. Also, no lottery tournaments. The reason? Everyone playing in lotteries is either an alt, or an idiot. You must reach level 20 without lotteries, if you wish to slip under the radar.

Chapter 2: Levels 21-45
By this point, you should start creating tournaments. Team tournaments are best, but 1v1s and FFAs are good too. The reason is simple; you want to start making friends on your alt. Talk to people. Approach them, but without any agenda. At this point, you should not try to join any clans. If they invite you, or you become very good friends with one of them, then ask, but do not try to infiltrate any specific clans.

A quick note on the player's stats:

Keep the game count between 5-30 games at any given time. Less is absurd for an active player, more is stressful.

Keep the boot rate between 0.5% and 10%. The minimum, 0.5%, is the best that most of the top players can manage (1 boot per 200 games) and anything above 10% labels you as an idiot. Anything more, or less, is suspicious.

Keep the winning percentages realistic. For FFAs, that might be a bit difficult, but for 1v1s it is best to stay between 40% and 60%. More than that suggests that you only play idiots, or deliberately win games against an alt in order to increase your stats; less than 40% implies you're an idiot yourself.

Do not hide statistics. Try to look as transparent as possible.

Chapter 3: Level 49+

Join the 1v1 ladder. Again, keep it realistic. Don't hit the top 10 immediately. Start using the forums -- sparingly. Be creative. After level 51, join the 2v2 ladder with a friend if possible.

After your account is five months old, start asking about clans whenever you meet a member of a clan--but do not ask on the forums, or try to get into a specific clan. Why five months? It took me that long on my first account to reach level 49, and I am assuming that it takes about that long to reach it, on average, for an active player. Continue to make friends. Do not make forum posts like this one. Do not ever reveal your identity.

Also, an added precaution would be to stagger the vacations for your accounts: if you need to leave Warlight, try to find someone else who can control your alt for a while until you get back, while your main account goes on vacation. Or do it the other way around. The point is that it is never obvious that you are the same person.

Try not to include your main account in your new alt's life. Trust me, it is actually quite difficult to believably make public interactions between your two accounts, so I try to avoid this when possible.

If you wish to eventually join one of the "elite" clans with this alt . . . good luck. You will need to work hard in order to convincingly look like a new player, and you will also need to work hard to become good enough to be recognized, assuming you are not already a top player.

I hope this guide helps in building Warlight's awesome community!

Best regards,

/||★||\ --MY ALTS ARE ON FIRE-- /||★||\
≈úñ ╣╖╛╣§§███
The guide to making a perfect alt: 8/20/2014 21:55:39

Ace Windu 
Level 56
I know.
The guide to making a perfect alt: 8/20/2014 22:11:20

Level 60
A couple things:

1) What do you mean by "most people have come to accept this"? I dislike alts that are not known to the public. I realize many people do not abuse theirs, but there have been too many bad apples.

2) Your strategy probably works, but what is the point? Why go to all that trouble? What is your end game?
The guide to making a perfect alt: 8/21/2014 00:17:25

Level 59
There are many different 'end games' that I might want. Have wanted. Have accomplished. For example, active clans often have some very awesome people, and some even have a great community going on. Why enjoy being part of one community when you can participate in six? Or, why not make the Warlight world think there are more "elite players" than there actually are? That actually benefits Warlight in the long run, as it attracts more competitive playing from newcomers. As long as it isn't abused for profit (which it can't be, at this time), there isn't any real reason why an alt can't assume its own identity. I, for one, refuse to be submissive to another account.
The guide to making a perfect alt: 8/21/2014 00:19:48

Level 59
That said, sometimes alts have been used for questionable reasons (MOSSAD, 2014). I, however, use most of my alts for purely constructive reasons. Warlight has a great community, underneath all the forum slime, and I do my part to quietly nourish it.
The guide to making a perfect alt: 8/21/2014 01:42:03

Level 33
What a perfect guide to an alt. Well done ^^
The guide to making a perfect alt: 8/21/2014 02:04:36

Gui's Secretary
Level 7
The guide to making a perfect alt: 8/21/2014 06:19:23

#Master Race 
Level 23
"Every day, play at least one 1v1 game with your alt against your main account. The main account must lose."

I don't see the point of this. Why not just play an autogame, or something else instead? Why play your alt vs. your main?
The guide to making a perfect alt: 8/21/2014 11:51:11

Level 59
You do this in addition to playing auto games, etc. The point of making your alt play against your main is that it gives the alt an extra 20,000 ish points each week with only a few clicks involved.
The guide to making a perfect alt: 9/17/2014 17:09:13

Level 59
I think I screwed up somewhere...
The guide to making a perfect alt: 9/17/2014 17:19:48

Level 35
The guide to making a perfect alt: 9/18/2014 10:22:45

Level 57
i thought having two accounts was against the rules so thus you should be banned
The guide to making a perfect alt: 9/18/2014 11:55:17

Level 62
Funny someone who breaks rules himself cares about fictive rules
The guide to making a perfect alt: 9/18/2014 11:59:44

Ace Windu 
Level 56
Hey Doomsday, have you removed me from your invite list yet? Lottery tournaments are some of the stupidest shit I've ever seen.
The guide to making a perfect alt: 9/18/2014 12:44:55

Level 52
*hears lottery tournaments. Immediately fastens rope around my neck and knocks down the stool*
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