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Not sure what's going on here.: 8/21/2014 02:08:48

Level 32
Okay so I've been working on a new map recently for someone (; Saint Petersburg is the group of territories there at the bottom.

Now as I was debating what to do with the large St. Petersburg (in terms of grouping them with the smaller, almost invisible versions or leave them separate), I wanted to go to test mode to figure it out. But then I was met with this message:

The territories in question are those located in Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast (the orange bonus). I don't understand what the issue is, as I have connected the territories. Is it simply a matter of them being too far apart? Because I vaguely remember a map of Europe where an inset of Istanbul was created that didn't have the issue I am experiencing.

Being that this is my first time experimenting with such a concept, I'm not entirely sure what options I have. If anybody has some advice on how to get around this, please let me know. Thanks!
Not sure what's going on here.: 8/21/2014 04:05:03

Level 55
The problem you are having is due to those territories not being connected to the other territories in the top left. If you just want a test game you can connect one territory in the lower half to one in the top. That way all territories become reachable.

edit: This avoids situation where two players can't get to each other and the game becomes a stalemate.

Edited 8/21/2014 04:06:11
Not sure what's going on here.: 8/21/2014 04:13:15

Level 32
Well I got into testing mode at least. Don't know why I was having that problem considering the territories in the top and bottom halves were connected to begin with. Any way to avoid this happening again in the future?

EDIT: I found the problem--a very simple fix. That's what I get for doing maps so late...

Edited 8/21/2014 21:53:50
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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