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New From Skunk: 2/2/2013 15:01:20

Level 57
For the last few weeks i have been working on several maps and updates. Here's the situation on them.

Firstly exstremly large map of England is still under production and wont be availible for a long time yet, such is the story with very large maps.

Secondly my solar system map has had a update! Bonus names and some territory names have been inproved and fixed to provide a better flow to games on the map.

A fairly large map of Europe 2050 is almost complete and should be comming by the end of Febuary at the latest.

Finnaly a new map series of small and medium maps is being published within the next few days. It is called Islands and Insulars series and features realistic real world places that are funnily enough island and insulars! The maps range from sizes from 10 territories all the way to 50 territories. Currently 3 are made there titles being: Cyprus, Sahara Split and Near East.
New From Skunk: 2/2/2013 19:47:00

Level 57
Report - Islands And Insulars: Cyprus (1st in series) - Islands And Insulars: Sahara Split (2nd in series)
New From Skunk: 2/2/2013 21:25:54

Level 49
Both too small and with too few bonuses.
Remaking them with 50-100 territories might attract people to them, but as they are now they look like Sir Nick's maps.
New From Skunk: 2/3/2013 00:43:39

Level 52
Looks pretty legit. [ thumbs up ]
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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