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Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/20/2013 21:47:33

Level 55

In this game on turn 9 you can see that I move 6 times in a row before my opponent moves once. My understanding is that the players first moves go, and then their second, and third, and so on until all thie moves have been done, unless there are order delay cards. It would require at least 5 order delay cards for the turn to have gone that way if I didn't use any delay cards of my own, but if my memory serves me, I used 2 order delay cards in addition, so he would have needed 7. It was impossible at that point in the game for him to have had more than 2.

I think this is kind of strange, because if it is cheating, then it would seem to require that he knows what my moves are (because obviously delaying orders isn't always good), and it is not a terribly intelligent cheat, because he still loses all the time. Have the game mechanics changed recently?
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/20/2013 22:04:14

Frankdeslimste • apex 
Level 58
Order delay cards goes for all the moves after it is played, unlinke the order prioirty card which is only good for the first move.

He didn't cheat, he just played his order delay card better.
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/20/2013 22:07:32

Level 49
And plus, why would he require omniscience? lol, in Warlight there are many cases in which I and possibly many others lost because they got the last move T-T
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/21/2013 03:00:08

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 59
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/21/2013 04:10:12

Level 51
complains about cheating in game he won...
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/21/2013 11:26:49

Level 43
Completed 877 ranked games (272 / 877)

1v1: 169 / 491 (34%)

That's the stats of your opponent. Don't you think a person who knows how to cheat the system would at least be able to get a better result then what he has right now?
Furthermore you WON the game against him.

Like the others here already said, nothing even resembling cheating happened here.

@Mods/Operator: Can we close this thread ?
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/21/2013 14:12:20

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
You'd think someone with over 800 games played would understand how one of the simplest cards in the game works...
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/21/2013 14:30:28

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
Richard, it took me to over 1000 games before I happened upon the wealth of information the forums and wiki offer. It took me another few hundred games to realize exactly how they worked and am still struggling with how to best use them. Some people who play for fun, not for competition won't know the inner workings of the cards.
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/21/2013 14:46:50

no one
Level 57
can i anyone tell me how to play order delay card well?
i never think to use that in game.
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/21/2013 19:05:38

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 59
How to use it well:

One of the main reasons to use an ODC is to ensure you get counterattack.

If your opponenent plays one during same turn, its almost as if no cards were played after the cards are played...

Example. A has 5 orders before card, and 5 orders after card. B has 2 orders before card 8 orders after. The turn order will be something like this:
A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, A4, A5, Order Delay Cards, (Not sure if first turn is computed again or not) B3, A6, A7, B4, A8, B5, A9, B6, A10, B7, B8, B9, B10.

So, each person did 10 orders and both played ODC, but B had 4 orders take place after Player A did.

So, What I typically do is only place orders that must occur before the ODC to minimize the orders before ODC, Maximize Afterwards. Examples of orders that I put in before ODC, any large attacks/fronts that attack neutrals and border fog or pulling up reinforcements to territiories directly bordering an enemy.

However, if you are going for the counterattack, he must attack first.

Often times, I don't play the ODC during the turn that I get it. If you hold on to it for a turn, there's a good chance that your opponent will use his, and then it doesn't matter what you do before/after the ODC, because he doesn't have one, and he already did his major attack the turn prior.

Another good use is when you're fighting AI's. They AI typically attacks all bordering territitories with 2x what were there the previous turn, and puts the balance into 1 territory. So, if you put +2 armies in all territories bordering the AI, play an ODC, then it will execute all of its attacks, only one of them will succeed, it will expend several armies doing its many small attacks, and after the ODC, you move in and attack the AI territory with all of your remaining armies.
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/21/2013 22:43:47

Level 56
This is probably another noob question, but I don't use either of these cards frequently. What happens when order delay and order priority are both played before the first move, by the same player(assuming the other player uses neither)? Would this make the players first move go first, and the rest of his moves be delayed?
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/21/2013 23:24:03

Level 51
it gives an error message saying you cant do that
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/22/2013 05:07:29

Level 58
It does work, wl automatically set the Order priority first then the order delay card next regardless of which you play first. (you can`t change this , since it`s before the first order). Then assuming the opponent don`t play any cards (OP Or OD)this is what will happen:
1. you play the order priority card
2. deployment.
3. opponents orders are executed
4. Order delay card played
5. your orders are executed.

In other words, it works exactly the same way as when only a Order delay card are played. (again, assuming the opponent don`t play any cards)

The get the scenario you described: Would this make the players first move go first, and the rest of his moves be delayed? the easiest way is to play an order priority before the first order, making it go first. then play a order delay after the first order, so all orders after the first are delayed.

Note: I`ve tested this, but only in single player. However it can`t see a reason for it to work differently in Multi-player.
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/22/2013 15:50:19

Level 55
They must have changed the way order delay cards worked. I am 100% certain that it did not used to work this way, otherwise almost everything else that happened in my previous games would have been impossible. I have never before seen more than 3 turns by a player happen in a row.
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/22/2013 16:33:05

Level 2
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/22/2013 18:40:50

Level 34
I love how not a single person here in response answered the question... seriously?!
Still at least someone linked to the wiki. :/
But yeah OD cards delay EVERY move after they are played, if both players play one it cancels out each other.
They unlike OP cards can stack so if you play more then the other guy, his will become useless.

It took me ages to figure this out as well, truth be told I only learned it after stumbling across a similar thread on here...
*sigh* back when I was a oblivious newbie... now I'm just a noob.
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/23/2013 00:56:42

Scorched Earth 
Level 48
@{rp} DagenDaDragon

Read again. Frank stated that in the very first reply.

Though I am a bit amused someone played 800+ games, and have a 70%+ 1v1 without knowing how order delay cards work.
Cheating via many turn delay cards?: 2/23/2013 07:07:02

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
noobschool (noob for short), it took me about as long as you to discover the forums and as for cards i learned about them just 1k-ish games ago (i just used op/od when i generally thought it would be better for my orders to come first/last before)
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