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Season VIII: 3/3/2013 16:53:48

Level 57
Season VIII details have been release! A new random change in bonuses of +1, 0 and -1 have been implimented!

Discuss here.
Season VIII: 3/3/2013 17:59:24

Level 55
This should be the most interesting season so far. I like the settings enough to join, though it will be hard to finish all the games making most moves on weekends.

I think it'd be cool to have these settings as real-time and multi-day auto-games too, to let members and non-members enjoy the best map and the best settings fizzer has made yet.
Season VIII: 3/3/2013 18:22:20

Level 56
I agree with Gui, Fizzer should definitely implement auto games of this template. I can't wait for the start, it should make for some interesting matches.
Season VIII: 3/3/2013 18:50:50

Level 60
Yes, I was waiting for that for a while. I recommended that solution last time I posted possible best 3vs3 ladder settings saying that randomising bonus values is the next best step for high-level games. I'm definitely looking forward to this. As soon as it's released for all templates I'll be able to proceed with 3vs3 ladder project i think.
Season VIII: 3/4/2013 07:50:15

Level 56
The settings sound great, I expect some fun games.
I've skipped most of the previous seasons, but I'll make sure to join this one.
Season VIII: 3/5/2013 09:52:41

Mike |GG| 
Level 61
This seasonal VIII settings are awasome :D
Can't wait to create this kind of games for realtime play.
Season VIII: 3/5/2013 13:28:59

Level 59
the settings seem interesting but i'm abit burned out, will sit this one out.
Season VIII: 3/5/2013 15:56:51

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
Even in the first few games it has been way more exciting than the 1v1 ladder. I've gotten really burned out on all the generic settings (I join way too many tournaments) but these settings are awesome. My matches have been more fun. Can't wait until these are released for us to use.
Season VIII: 3/10/2013 20:53:26

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
yep, great idea, thanks fizzer! :D
it's just what i had asked for a while ago on another thread: more variables to make the game more interesting/difficult
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