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Gold star blues: 3/8/2013 22:13:08

[HL] Ko 
Level 59
New to Warlight, just doing single player for now. I just got a nice 11-turn win on Level 2, but the browser seemed not to recognize that I was logged in. On completion of the game, I got a "could not authenticate" message, followed by the standard "Victory!.... .... .... This win has been saved to your profile". But unfortunately, it did not. Anything to be done? I have a screen print as evidence.

By the way, I realize from the forum that interest in single player is limited. I also know that screen prints can be faked, so mine will probably not be considered "proof" enough. But this win took some effort, so I figure it's worth a post to at least try to get credit. I don't think I have the stomach to try for it again...

: (

P.S. Love the game, might have to try it against human opponents!
Gold star blues: 3/8/2013 22:16:12

Level 58
You can try to report the bug here: and put in the screen picture there as well.That`s where bugs are supposed to be posted (not here) since it is easier that way for Fizzer, Warlights creator.
Gold star blues: 3/8/2013 22:45:38

[HL] Ko 
Level 59
Well I wouldn't really call it a bug - just really, really crappy timing on a disconnect I guess, and the fault is definitely on my end. I realize I'm probably S.O.L., but I am frustrated enough to want to share my grief. :P

P.S. Thanks for the quick reply, Hennns, nice to see there is an active community
Gold star blues: 3/8/2013 22:52:28

Level 57

WarLight Creator
If you saved the game, just load the saved game and it will attempt again.

If you still have the browser open, it's not too late to save the game. After doing that, refresh your browser and load the saved game again.

If you didn't save it and already closed your browser, unfortunately the game is gone.
Gold star blues: 3/8/2013 23:55:55

[HL] Ko 
Level 59
Too late for that now. I tried on an earlier game to save it mid-way through and got the warning that changing the save-settings would invalidate the game, so I haven't saved any games. And being an impatient (and determined) mofo, I jumped right into trying to get it in 11 turns again.

I've got too much pride to beg for credit based on a screenshot, and from what I've seen of the way things are run on this site, you'd quite rightly decline anyway. But at least I've learned that I can save a completed game if I hit that snag again. Thanks for the replies.
Gold star blues: 3/9/2013 00:05:12

Level 58
I always had that problem when I pressed "view History".
Then it never saved my golden star victories.
Gold star blues: 3/9/2013 08:42:42

Level 43
Well I don't know if it works as a constelation for you but if you are doing single player to gain prestige I can tell you that hardly is a criteria used in multiplayer.
Be content with the knowledge you know yourself that you were able to finish level 2 in 11 turns and leave it at that.
Respect and acknowledgment in the multiplayer community is gained by proving to be a steady reliable player over the course of time against various opponents.
Gold star blues: 3/11/2013 01:11:09

[HL] Ko 
Level 59
Just to round this topic out, I got another 11-turn win (a bit of luck in the start goes a long way), and it "stuck" this time. Going to focus on Insane in 26...

BTW, my earlier problem has gotten me paranoid, and ready to save any results - but I can't seem to find any way to save a game anymore. Has this been removed from the game?
Gold star blues: 7/23/2013 08:15:52

Level 1
I'm new here and only played single player maps for now too. Ko, can you give any tips on how you managed to finish level 2 in 11 turns please? I tried various times but I guess i spend too much time in conquering america and africa... Where do you go first?
Gold star blues: 7/23/2013 09:15:49

Level 46
You get a goldstar at 14 (or 15, though i suspect a blue star there) turns for level 2,
11 turns would require too much luck i think.
Go for Africa first.
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