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Help! No credit for single player win (again): 3/15/2013 01:52:41

[HL] Ko 
Level 59
Basically having the same problem as before (an apparent disconnect as I complete a single player game - this time the "insane challenge" completed in 27 turns).

I've opened another browser, and logged back in, but I still see no option to save the game (as Fizzer suggested in another post), and although the Victory screen is still open (and now showing "This win has been saved to your profile"), I see no update on my profile.

Anyone have any ideas before I try refreshing the browser? (which I suspect will simply take me back to the single player menu, as it did last time) I am pretty frustrated at the moment...
Help! No credit for single player win (again): 3/15/2013 04:35:42

Level 57

WarLight Creator
but I still see no option to save the game

The Saved Games button is a sub-tab at the top.
Help! No credit for single player win (again): 3/15/2013 07:43:49

[HL] Ko 
Level 59
Thanks for that tidbit - I actually found it last night after trying refreshing the browser (which nuked my game). I initially didn't want to click on "Saved Games", as that's typically a label for recalling games already saved, and I certainly didn't want to load one over the existing game.

I have now explored all the "save" options I can find, and have what will hopefully be my final question/comment in this area. Does enabling the auto-save feature invalidated the games (for the purposes of gold stars)? I can't imagine you'd allow people to repeatedly re-load and re-try turns until they got the outcome they wanted, so I'm not sure I can run with that option, given that I'm now determined to finish my silly row of gold stars...
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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