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small question/suggestion: 3/26/2013 21:20:49

Level 56
First off, I love this site and all the work Fizzer puts into it. Throughout my time here, there's only been one thing that gets annoying that has never been fixed. It's not really a bug, although I guess you could call it that.

Here it is: You open up chat in a game and leave it open when you go back to "my games" (common especially within clans where you have a lot of chat-only games, as well as RP games). Someone else chats in that game, and it shows up as such in your "my games" list when you refresh. You click the game. The chat does not require a response from you, so you don't click on the chat box or anything, just read it and go back to "my games". When the list updates, it still shows that game as having unread chat.

I know that's not a big deal, but over two years and many chat-heavy games, it starts to add up. I usually try to remember to click the chat so that it registers, but especially when I'm in a hurry, that doesn't always happen, and then I have to go back again to make it register. First I'm wondering if there's any real reason to keep it this way? If not, I assume it's just some type of logged identity in the code when you open or interact with the chat window that would be easy to change (I have some background in code but it's in much different languages to what this site uses).

Thanks for reading, feedback from you guys would be nice if you have an opinion on this.
small question/suggestion: 3/26/2013 22:02:03

Level 44
I never had this problem, could it be an isolated situation?
small question/suggestion: 3/26/2013 22:05:30

Level 56
Well that's possible, but I've had it on multiple computers, and with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.
small question/suggestion: 3/26/2013 22:21:39

Level 55
The game has to refresh to see that you've had the chat open. Press R, or close the chat box, and it will go away from your list.
small question/suggestion: 3/26/2013 22:44:50

Level 56
even staying long enough for it to refresh does not seem to work. And pressing R is just as easy as clicking the chat box, so doesn't really help :P. It's really more of a minor annoyance than anything.
small question/suggestion: 3/26/2013 23:09:10

Master Miyagi • apex 
Level 59
ah i encounter this problem also
small question/suggestion: 3/26/2013 23:09:53

Level 51
i have that problem as well, it used to be more common for me but now i normally remember to close the chat box
small question/suggestion: 3/27/2013 13:14:11

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
i encounter it too, it's not a big deal though. I always forget to close the chatbox though, i'm not as smart as seahawks (;
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