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Thoughts on a Card: 9/18/2014 12:47:28

Admiral Swag Master
Level 44
You know, I really wish I could airlift troops to players who are technically enemies. It'd be great for diplos especially with geographically separated allies. Otherwise if your ally gets in a war and you aren't near then your alliance is weakened and you can't really do anything.

TL;DR They're my troops, I should be able to do whatever stupid thing with them I want.

P.S. Hey forum goers, sup?
Thoughts on a Card: 9/18/2014 12:48:53

volcan the conquerer
Level 53
i love it
Thoughts on a Card: 9/18/2014 13:30:52

Level 60
right now they have to gift you first.

Really what you need is just a way to have alliances (that is a popular uservoice suggestion)
Thoughts on a Card: 9/18/2014 14:52:04

Admiral Swag Master
Level 44
I know, but if territories have already been established at bonus limits then gifting a territory can disrupt their bonuses which would be counter intuitive.
Thoughts on a Card: 9/18/2014 16:37:30

Level 54
I would like to see this be an option for airlift cards, it wouldnt require a complete overhaul of code for Fizzer to change it either.

Eventually, I would also like to see a "Diplomacy Game Mode" option. In the game settings, you would enable it, and it would make it possible for players to send alliance requests through the game. If the other player accepts, then you would not be able to declare war on them unless you break the alliance one turn in advance. You would also be able to declare war, and ONLY if you have declared war will the game allow you to attack someone. (So basically there would be infinite Diplomacy Cards in play against everyone, and only a declaration of war will cancel it out)

With the above options, Public Enemies would no longer exist in Diplo games
Thoughts on a Card: 9/18/2014 16:58:03

Level 58
Thoughts on a Card: 9/18/2014 19:10:48

Level 29

That's exactly what the RP and Diplo community needs! Sure it would be a lot of coding, however Fizzer should realize that a good segment of the Warlight community would benefit greatly from this feature.
Thoughts on a Card: 9/20/2014 14:44:45

Level 60
I like this idea even though I don't play diplos! There could be a checkbox that says "allow airlifts to enemies" or something.
Thoughts on a Card: 9/20/2014 23:33:50

Level 55
I like the idea but I do wonder how it would work with fog? Would you just have to choose a territory that your ally tells you is theirs? and would you get to see that territory for the turn?
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