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New "Magnamund" map : feedback welcome: 4/28/2013 12:01:10

Level 2
I am working on a small map of the Magnamund world (based on the old Lone Wolf book series). I would appreciate feedback on the map, especially on the following points :

  • Bonus suggestions (all territories are not part of a bonus currently)
  • Tactical/strategical balance
  • Visual improvements

I am quite new to Warlight, so I'm afraid there may be basic misconceptions around.
New "Magnamund" map : feedback welcome: 4/28/2013 13:29:41

Level 58
Missing links:

Delden <-> Salony
Loudren <-> Valerion
Value of the bonuses:

You made your bonuses way to big. On a small map like this that makes a lot of difference in how the game goes. If you start in Dessi you will most likely win, so my suggestions are:

-Sommerlund is worth 5 for only 3 territories. I would make it worth 2.
-Wildlands is worth 3 for only 2 territories. I would make it worth 1.
-Durenor is worth 7 for only 5 territories. I would make it worth 4.
-Darklands is worth 11 for only 8 territories. I would make it worth 6.
-Cener is worth 4 for only 1 territory. Although I think that this is an important place, making it worth 1 or 2 is enough for 1 territory. 4 is overpowered.
-Slovia is worth 5 for only 4 territories. I would make it worth 3.
-Dessi is worth 7 but only 3 (!) territories. This is very overpowered. Now in the series this might be an important area, but in a map like this, it just makes everything unbalanced. I suggest making worth 2.
-Vassagonia is worth 11 for only 9 territories. I would make it worth 7 (maybe 8)
Making other bonusses:

For Cloeasia I would say it is not a problem to leave it on itself.
For the other territories the problem starts that I do not know how you can devide these territories while maintaining the correct map like in the book series.
I would say make 3 bonuses out of it.

#1 has the territories: Ogia, Magador, Lyris, Casiorn and Salony. (Worth 3 or 4)
#2 has the territories: Northern Talestria, Southern Talestria, Delden, Eldenora, Caron and Palmyrion. (Worth 4)
#3 has the territories: Chaman, Lourden, Bautar, Valerion, Firalond, Anari and Kakush (worth 5)
This looks like a lot, but people who just started mapmaking often make the bonuses not correct, so that is not a big problem (and Missing connections can always occure.)

For a new guy you have done things well. Islands and a background like that are uncommon for new mapmakers so good job on that part.
New "Magnamund" map : feedback welcome: 4/28/2013 14:41:07

Level 2
Thank you very much for the feedback.

I tried to stick bonuses to the scenario and politic landscape of the books (just for information, there is a very accurate fan-based map here : But, as you mention, this should not reduce the balance of the game, so I will use your suggestions to make the map more playable.

I'll see if other suggestions come upon and release a new version including the remarks.
New "Magnamund" map : feedback welcome: 4/28/2013 15:12:38

Level 55
Min34 is right you should try to keep the bonuses equal to the territory number but also take into account the position, how easy it is to defend, the number of turns it takes to conquer it and so on. Cener is worth 4 and it is only one territory (usually try to avoid one terr. bonuses but if you would like to make it attractive and important try to keep it at 1. I would personally use the capital towns in every bonus as separate bonus with 1 value but thats just a suggestion.
One more thing try to keep the territories size more or less equal because it can make a visual difference and confuse the players (even if it doesn't fit the map your using it always permit-able ti make some compromises and modifications :))) . For example Rymerift March is a lot smaller than the surrounding territories and is barely noticeable.
Also keep in mind that you have to fit the number of armies in the territory, specifically check Northern Dajdokrit i don't think it can fit.
Otherwise you're doing a great job for keep up.

New "Magnamund" map : feedback welcome: 4/29/2013 21:22:16

Level 2
Thank to both of you for your comments. A new version (1.3) of the map is available for your sagacity :)

Basically, the changes are :
- Added missing links between territories
- Lowered bonuses values
- Added more bonus zones
- Added/reviewed fancy stuff : coastlines (without blurs or gradients as they are unsupported), armories
- Filled with mountains (incomplete : waiting for feedback regarding missing cloned objects)
- Make all river paths nice (unfortunately nobody will ever see them as territories are always on top)

I applied Min42's suggestion except on two points :
- Didn't include the Ogia territory in a bonus, as it stretched the whole bonus zone
- Keep the Vassagonia bonus in the high range (8) because it looks hard to defend to me.

Incaman, you're right about the size differences of territories. Problem is that available information does not help to divide the lands properly, but I may adjust that. I tested with army numbers for Rymerift March and it fits, but the territory is indeed very small. Some islands however have this problem, I should adjust their size and also add some visual clue to make the links to them clear.

Why were these bonuses so big ?
Just a word of explaination here : I'm new to Warlight (and to Inkspace too). I found it more "logical" to play with a very agressive Cap set, to simulate the fact that territories have more a "sustain" capacity than a "production" capacity. Because an occupied territory use one army, bonuses had to be important.

Your feedback is very welcome.
New "Magnamund" map : feedback welcome: 4/30/2013 16:37:26

Level 50
You should fix the borders.
New "Magnamund" map : feedback welcome: 5/1/2013 22:24:52

Level 2
You should fix the borders.

You mean the fact that they overlap or something else ?
New "Magnamund" map : feedback welcome: 5/2/2013 16:16:40

Level 58
I think he means that. The borders between two bonusses should never overlap.
New "Magnamund" map : feedback welcome: 5/2/2013 17:59:55

Level 50
New "Magnamund" map : feedback welcome: 5/8/2013 21:41:30

Level 2
Here is one version with the borders fixed :

Should this one go public as it is ?
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