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New Map - Europe and the HRE, 1618.: 5/3/2013 09:01:46

{rp} Kingmaker 
Level 57
This is a 30 Years War map mainly so I can run scenarios of that period. I am beginning play testing shortly.

The map:

I would welcome positive critique in two parts:

1) Connections, clarity and general map technical issues

2) Balance, strategic value and desirable play issues

I am looking for solid players to play test the map and the scenario that I intend to use it for.
New Map - Europe and the HRE, 1618.: 5/3/2013 09:07:45

Level 55
i'm interested.
New Map - Europe and the HRE, 1618.: 5/3/2013 11:21:07

{rp} Kingmaker 
Level 57
New Map - Europe and the HRE, 1618.: 5/3/2013 15:00:57

Level 49
Name change suggestions:

Kingdom of the Netherlands: Didn't exist at the time. The only umbrella term for both the Spanish and the Dutch part would be the Netherlands. That would still be a geographical, rather than a political term, so I don't think you would even need that bonus.

Guelderland: already a typo, but for historic accuracy you should name it Gelre, or Duchy of Gelre.

Dutch Brabant: Should be named Brabant of the States to be historically correct.

Seas: I personally strongly dislike abbreviations on maps, so I think you should name all seas with the word sea or ocean in the name. The same goes for the Holy Roman Empire. That avoids confusion, and if you don't want to do it, at least change Irish Sea to keep it consistent.

Straits of Gibraltar: Last time I checked, there was only one Strait of Gibraltar, so there's no need to use the plural. By the way, it doesn't connect to Tangiers for some reason.


Why do some territories have stars in them?

Why do some seas have bonuses while others don't?

You probably shouldn't include the Papal States in the Thirty Year's War, as it was always neutral.
New Map - Europe and the HRE, 1618.: 5/4/2013 01:11:27

{rp} Kingmaker 
Level 57
Point taken: Strait of Gibralter,Abbreviation of the seas.

Dutch Brabant: I named it that way for game play. On th map the period I saw it was named just Brabant. For now I will leave it as it is.

Guelderland: was how it was spelt on one map. There were many variations on different maps so I chose this one, but I will check again the spelling just in case.

Kingdom of the Netherlands is not the only out of place regional title but I decided to include a few "what ifs" to give players something to aim for including Kingdom of Hungary, Kingdom Of Bavaria and so on. Just for game play. Remember this is a game with a historical setting not a historical reenactment.

I accept that people have different views on setting up these games and even I am not completely satisfied and I don't think I ever will be. I hope I have set up a map/scenario based on history that I will enjoy and others will enjoy with me.

Thanks for your useful comments. Keep them coming.
New Map - Europe and the HRE, 1618.: 5/4/2013 01:33:40

{rp} Kingmaker 
Level 57
Oh just red the "other".

Stars are for the scenario. They represent territories with voting rights to choose the Holy Roman Emperor.

All seas have bonuses. If you look clesoely you should see that sometimes 2 pairs of seas are grouped into one bonus.

Papacy would have sided with the Hapsburgs and Bavarians due to the regligios element of the war. Secondly, the papacy was not on good terms with France. I do believe the papacy sent money to the Catholic League and were in support of the Spanish Hapsburgs as the French were considered a greater threat. I would like to imclude the "what if" they also fought or gave troops.

WO :)
New Map - Europe and the HRE, 1618.: 5/4/2013 05:06:48

Level 55
Nice map Im interested about test play.

(and the correct name of Hapsburgs is Habsburg)
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