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World War 3 possible scenario`s: 5/9/2013 10:57:56

Level 58
Hey, I thought it was time for another discussion thread, so I decided to make this one. this thread is (obviously) about the most likely WWIII scenario`s.

There are many ideas on how it would start. For example in the Middle East or because of Korea. Wich countries will be evolved and on what side will they fight?

You guys can discuss your ideas about it here.

i think myself that it will start in the Middle East after Israel attacks another country close to it. Because of Iran getting to close to Nuclear power, the USA will support it.
Iran, Irak, Pakistan and Afghanistan will get support from Russia. India will side with USA becuase it won`t trust the middle east. This will cause China to start working against the USA (not in a real war, but they try to stop them). North Korea now know it has more support from China. It will now put much more pressure on South Korea. USA and Japan react to this and make their armies ready. China doesn`
World War 3 possible scenario`s: 5/9/2013 11:18:55

Level 58
:\ I pressed post, instead of Preview. Sorry for this double post.

China doesn`t like the reaction of the USA and Japan and openly supports North-Korea. Meanwhile Israel invades the other countries in the middle-east with support of the USA and India. China now put this to a stop, but Israel doesn`t stop. China starts supporting the Middle-East by sending troops and weapons. Russia backs off because it seems to become to dangerous. They don`t want that much trouble and decide to be neutral in this war. India ask help from the USA. China sees this as a danger and mobilizes his (or her) troops. North-Korea now knows it has full support of China and attacks South-Korea. After two days of fighting South-Korea, Japan and USA invade North-Korea and take it over quite quick. this is were China invades North-Korea from his side.
China asks Mexico for help and gives them a lot of money to attack the USA. They also prepare their fleet to attack the USA. The USA quickly eliminates Mexico and prepares their fleet and defending systems. The Middle East gets taken over by Israel and India. India now attacks china together with Japan. The USA defeats China on the ocean because their equipment is much better. After some long years China and Allies surrender.

I know there are some unlikely things in it, but this is what I see happen somehow. Simply a chainreaction. Russia and Europe stay out of it, because I think they will try to do that in real too.
World War 3 possible scenario`s: 5/9/2013 13:12:37

Level 46
The oil-producing countries up the oil-price a few more times, putting pressure on the industrialized countries, Russia extends it's power over Europe because Russia still has natural resources to sell, China and the USA enter an alliance to secure more natural resources worldwide, resulting in a chain of smaller wars whose eventual goal seems to be to just flatten any powerstucture in the resource-rich countries.
resulting in three sides: USA/China, Russia/Europe and OPEC.
Australia and India manage to largely stay out of the conflict.
countries not belonging to one of these sides are pretty much devestated.
Outcome: a new global government(a treaty at least, more like the UN) with voting representation from all three sides, other countries are gradually granted permission to speak yet usually not to vote.
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