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New Map: Catalunya: 10/15/2014 12:48:38

Level 51
Hello guys!

I finished my first map! You can see it here:

The map is of my home country, Catalunya. It's divided into 41 territories ("Comarques"), with 7 bonuses ("Vegueries") and an additional bonus territory ("Val d'Aran").

I tested it with a friend and we think it's balanced enough.

Hope you enjoy it! Please give me your opinions, because I want to improve my map-making skills and make further maps!

New Map: Catalunya: 10/15/2014 19:41:14

Belgian Gentleman
Level 55
Dear AbelToy,

It looks pretty good as it is your first map. Well detailled and no missing connections. Furthermore a good decent Warlight map. Keep at it!

To you give you some advice:
you should change the bonus value of Val d'Aran to '0' due its unstrategical position.

Best regards,
written by his majesty The King

(who is of course a Belgian gentleman )

Edited 10/16/2014 14:38:45
New Map: Catalunya: 10/16/2014 14:42:05

Level 51
Thanks a lot!

So do I remove the bonus link and set it to 0 for Val d'Aran, just set it to 0 or what?

Abel Toy
New Map: Catalunya: 10/16/2014 17:37:28

Belgian Gentleman
Level 55
Just change it to 0 then it confirms that Val d'Aran is a veguerie.

Greets from Belgium,

Many kusjes.
New Map: Catalunya: 10/16/2014 17:54:16

Level 62
honestly i think because it's position is highly unstrategical, it won't hurt having it as a 1
a 1 for 1 in a strategical good position shouldn't exist, as you already benefit from the position, no need to boost it with an additional income ;)
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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