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Boxing: 6/1/2013 06:52:39

Level 55
1: Badass KOs
I was saying "Oh!" "Damn!" and "No way!" watching this in the office at work.

2: Mayweather vs Canelo
Two undefeateds. 36 year-old vs 22 year-old. Pound-for-pound best vs rising star. Best technician/defender vs a heavy hitter. Mayweather moving up a bit in weight, Canelo coming down a lot. Weigh-in catch weight of 152. By the opening bell Mayweather should be around 154 and Canelo could be as heavy as 170.

3: Paquiao vs Marquez IV
Paqman had him going for an easy unanimous decision but is careless and walks into a death shot at the bell. Amazing. Search for the reaction of Filipino fans watching the fight: "Is he dead?"
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