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3v3 ladder: 11/1/2014 17:16:35

Captain Crunch
Level 47
Currently, there are 1v1 and 2v2 ladders so why isn't there a 3v3 ladder?
3v3 ladder: 11/1/2014 17:36:19

[WM] ᵀᴴᴱ𝓕𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮 
Level 59
there's a lot of players who wanted this feature for a long time..

the official answer seems to be - Fizzer thinks the interest in this is still to low..
3v3 ladder: 11/1/2014 18:45:08

Level 23
Too much work Fizzer just could'nt be arsed... Who blames him...
Why do you care your not even in a ladder?
3v3 ladder: 11/1/2014 19:14:25

Level 60
I really don't think it is any work. Can't be much change to 2v2 code needed. I think Fridge is right.
3v3 ladder: 11/1/2014 19:15:15

Level 23
There is still work right? :O
3v3 ladder: 11/1/2014 19:52:58

Level 58
there's 344 players on 1v1 ladder
there's 178 players on 2v2 ladder (89 teams)

344/2=172. Approximately 50% of the # players on 1v1 ladder is the # of players on the 2v2 ladder. Now following the same logic you could expect 344/3=115 players on a 3v3 ladder. That is 38 teams.

Now keep in mind, this is just assumptions: but I think you'd need at least 50 teams to have a healthy ladder. I would understand if Fizzer thinks that is too little interest. Though I've no science behind my math :p
3v3 ladder: 11/2/2014 02:31:52

Level 55
@Hennns...Who is to say that more people aren't interested in a 3v3 Europe ladder than the current 2v2 ladder? We are both just speculating of course, but there is a lot more interest in a 3v3 ladder than you think.

Just look at the numbers of 3v3 euro games you see in either the multi day or real time lists. They are certainly higher than 2v2 games on the current 2v2 settings.
3v3 ladder: 11/2/2014 05:58:24

Art Vandelay 
Level 48
OR, the 2v2 ladder is light on teams because the template is no good. 2 starts on a map much larger than old one.

Why do you need 50 teams? I remember lots of times there were 30 or so teams on 2v2 ladder
3v3 ladder: 11/2/2014 14:07:25

Level 58
Mablung, I looked at open games and I saw 2 3v3 games waiting to be filled. And 5 2v2 games (one on the ladder settings).
Anyway, if there's enough interest. You guys should vote for it on uservoice and let Fizzer see :p

Vandelay, Who's alt are you? :p Anyway, people always disagree about templates (just look on rt ladder template voting). I simply assumed 50 teams were necessary for a healthy ladder, of course there is less in the beginning. (maybe the same will be true about 3v3.. idk).
3v3 ladder: 11/2/2014 23:14:43

Master ARC 
Level 57
If anything, 2v2 Ladder participation has been at a record high as of late. For quite a while there were never more than 50 teams at any time, usually like 30. I think that this is a pretty good argument for including a new team-based ladder, also because team ladders are a concept that hasn't been explored anywhere else but the 2v2 ladder.

Edited 11/2/2014 23:15:16
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