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Idea: Team Stats: 11/9/2014 03:16:50

Sri Suriyothai 
Level 56
I just finished a 3v3 and was checking the stats, which are listed by player. I thought it would be quite useful to see the team as a whole, instead of having to sum up each of the team member's individually: territories controlled, armies deployed, attacked, etc.

This way it will be easier to determine the tipping point in each game.

Idea: Team Stats: 11/9/2014 04:32:05

{rp} Julius Caesar 
Level 46
Make a uservoice on it, you'll get my vote
Idea: Team Stats: 11/9/2014 05:08:10

Level 58
yea that would be easier than having to check every player one by one to see what the best team is.
But to see the team as a whole, is maybe not a good option.
If good/average players look to what the best team is to join then the teams will get more unbalanced.
To resolve this problem i would like to see a new team game option:

At the moment, you can set up a team game in two ways: randomly or manually.
I would like to see a 3e option: "automatic balanced"
"A option that divide the players automatically to teams with the closest average win percentage*."

A lot of players do not like Randomly determine team games because it makes imbalanced teams a lot of times.
A game where the teams are automatically divided into teams where the average win percentage* is as close as possible to each other, could be a solution for that problem.

*win percentage of the same game type(for instance: in a 2vs2 game it looks only to the win percentages of 2vs2 games).
Idea: Team Stats: 11/9/2014 16:45:52

Level 55
Orange, I think Sri Suriyothai is talking about post-game analysis. Either way though, both of your suggestions are very good (although dealing with different issues).
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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