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Iran map: 11/10/2014 16:36:12

Level 51
Hey guys,

I just tried making my first map. It's not very big, but seems very suitable for a 1v1 to me. Anyway, could you perhaps take a look at it and give me some feedback on it?

You can find it here:
Iran map: 11/10/2014 18:55:06

Level 59
your borders should be cleaner, and next to each other (unless they are within the same bonus/ color)

it looks cool

*edit and while you are following the normal bonus convention of 1 less than # of territories, some bonuses like the big green one (central iran) in the middle connect to far more territories than another bonus of the same amount. Maybe make that one worth more because its harder to defend? Or less because its an easy spot to start from and roll into other bonuses?

Edited 11/10/2014 19:00:07
Iran map: 11/10/2014 19:00:21

Level 55
There are some very good tutorials in the forum about cleaning up your borders. Try to look them up, they are very helpful.
Iran map: 11/11/2014 16:16:34

Level 57
It might be a good idea to simplify some of the territories. There's a button for this on Inkscape's interface somewhere, but it's quicker to just select the territory, go on 'Edit paths by nodes' (the tool just under the main mouse tool) and perform the action Ctrl+L.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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