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Help with the 1v1 ladder format: 11/13/2014 04:03:57

Level 60
Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone would give me some pointers with the 1v1 ladder format. I have a best ranking of 1730 with a rank of 54. When I was in the ladder I would sometimes lose to players far below my ranking (1400 for example). I feel like there is some sort of big picture I am missing with this format. I have done well at other formats like the 2v2 ladder where I am currently in the top 10. Anyway, if anyone is willing to play a few games with me and do some in depth analysis, I would appreciate it.
Help with the 1v1 ladder format: 11/13/2014 06:21:12

Level 60
well, in your sirius game it looks like you never committed to a strategy. you went hard in SA, then did not invest there really.

In your game with Vortex I don't understand your 3rd pick in AA. Why not CA which is better positioned and same speed to take? Then SA. AA ahead of those 2 did not make sense to me because it wasn't really a counter at all.

In your hornacek game you should have won based on picks. you relied on 3v2 attacks to finish CA and got burnt (some bad luck). Turn 4 you were not committed to 1 action. You had to know he was in WR and would not leave that area open so taking Sval was pointless. Better to try and delay eliminate him in Asia perhaps (again, not getting CA cost you big time). First move knockout attempt on 5 was no good (he knew he had Scan controlled so he did not need to invest there unless he took WR).

Your picks on Master Ree game baffle me. FTB in SEA with a solid counter in ME. if you wanted to take Africa 1-2 that might be OK, and then SEA, EC, ME next. Why Greenland 3? Very slow and you are risking handing him asia. You were lucky to get your #2 (#1 there would have been much safer, then 2-3 in WA/NA maybe). I don't like first turn. Either hit with 8 into EC or don't invest there turn 1 at all. Your picks gave you no intel either. Block would have been better served to try on WA I think. It's too bad you put 3rd in GL and not CR or somewhere you had a chance to finish. Turn 4, why not transfer the 1 in SEA 1st? Would have been used on defense, why move in GL 1st? Did not end up mattering, but could have. Turn 6 why run to Tibet? Try to transfer there and hold SEA hopefully. Delay hit on WA was nice. Again, if you had viable 3rd like CR you could have snuck it in by now. That sidestep in Asia has cost you a lot and you gave back WA because of it.

Edited 11/13/2014 06:40:03
Help with the 1v1 ladder format: 11/13/2014 06:33:05

Master of the Dead 
Level 62
I can play with you, if you think it will help you at all :)
Feel free to invite me to a multi-day game. I would prefer to play in real time though.
Help with the 1v1 ladder format: 11/14/2014 05:27:34

Level 60
Thanks for the tips, Chris. It is always nice to have someone analyze my games. I will take you up on your offer Master of the Dead.
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