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Map Making Help: Bonus Links: 11/17/2014 19:01:40

Ethan Young
Level 4

I am in the process of designing my first map and I've run into a conflict. I'm using Inkscape on Max OS X, and I've verified my SVG on a different computer (Windows, Adobe Illustrator). All of my territories appear, but I cannot seem to correctly create Bonus Links. I am aware of the fact that they should not appear until added by the same title in the Bonuses menu. I also know to try ungrouping them, which I did attempt.

I've created a whole variety of shapes, and named them according to the proper syntax: BonusLink_TestName, then adding the Bonus in the Bonuses Menu as Test Name. Any additional troubleshooting tips? I hate to have made an entire map only to be unable to create the links.
Map Making Help: Bonus Links: 11/17/2014 19:13:17

Level 57

WarLight Creator
I looked at your map, and it looks like your bonus links are images. Even though they don't look like images, Inkscape considers them the "image" type, and the image type isn't supported in WarLight. You can see this by opening Inkscape's xml editor and then clicking on one of the bonus links.

How did you create them? If you use the rectangle tool they should create as paths, which is what you want. I suggest deleting and re-creating them.

I also noticed you had one bonus link that wasn't an image, the one named BonusLink_Test1. It's a path, which is correct. However the bonus in the map is named "Test", and not "Test1", so that's why that one didn't work.
Map Making Help: Bonus Links: 11/18/2014 01:57:23

Ethan Young
Level 4
@Fizzer: thank you so much! That was exactly the problem; for some reason Inkscape was creating images with the rectangle tool by default. I've now replaced them all. Cheers.
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