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Magna Guiroma 3v3 Open Tournament: 7/10/2013 04:21:44

Level 55

changed bonus values to make it non-newbielicious.

example game:

join if you are interested. my invite list is less than 10.
Magna Guiroma 3v3 Open Tournament: 7/10/2013 04:37:46

Level 55
Question: Is "Magna Macedonia" our Slav friend's (Incaman) desire to play a fairy tale game of role playing that the largely non-Hellas modern state of Macedonia was once a great region that covered the Greek-speaking world during the time of the Roman Empire? Or was that region really called Magna Macedonia?
Magna Guiroma 3v3 Open Tournament: 7/10/2013 14:46:16

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
No amount of bonus value manipulation can make that map non newbtastic. That game was bad. Why dont you try chucking some mountains on it?
Magna Guiroma 3v3 Open Tournament: 7/10/2013 14:50:24

Level 54
There was never a region called Magna Macedonia.
Not even under Alexander the great the depicted region was under his rule.
In Roman Times the depicted region was split into several provinces namely Macedonia, Moesia Superior, Thrace, Epirus, Achea and part of Crete and Cyreneika.
Only in much later times the greek mainland was united with macedonia under the Diocese of Macedonia, but with Thracia and Dacia still under different Dioceses.
Magna Guiroma 3v3 Open Tournament: 7/10/2013 15:49:30

Level 55
magna macedonia: i was so upset our Slav-nationalist seemed to want to rewrite history i initially made the bonus worth 0. but that created a gap in the map (with respect to bonuses). instead i rated the map 0, until somebody proves 'Magna Macedonia' existed. i don't like role playing in history books or on maps that aspire to be historical. GREAT JOB ON YOUR MAP INCAMAN, you petty nationalist.

that game was bad. the goal was to see the bonus values and wastelands, and i got tired of waiting for a game with prereqs.

if you change bonus values, looking at settings doesn't make it altogether clear (too many numbers, it is a thing best understand visually). and if you click 'preview map' after you change bonus values, it simply shows you the normal, unchanged map's bonus values.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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