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Tutilage?: 12/4/2014 01:51:08

Level 19
Hey, so I'm what you might call a relatively new player to the game. For the most part I've only played games with my friends, and a few with other people I met on here. However, I'm looking for help from someone who knows a lot about the game. I'd like to ask for the favour of playing a few games with me and showing me some tactics and strategy. I've got a pretty good hold on the mechanics, I'm mostly looking to improve my strategy, and I figured what better ways than to play more against people who are much better than me, and to ask the community. I've tried setting up my own games, but all I got for players were people even newer than I am =P. So would someone do me the honour of showing me some tactics and giving me some experience? Thanks for your help in advance.
Tutilage?: 12/4/2014 02:20:54

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Play the 1v1 auto Multi Day games for a while.... Whenever you lose to a player with at least 300+ games played then ask for advice on what you could have done better in the game. Do that often enough and you will have lots of advice and should come back to the forums..... Ask for a tutor after idk maybe 400 games?
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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