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coins and support for the game: 12/7/2014 11:33:21

Dredd (judge jury & executioner)
Level 58
i would like to say that i like the coins idea and would like to support warlight if i can however i cant. the payment options i use aint available so would just like to ask if you could look into addin some new options if possible so i can indeed support a game i love.

the options i use are paysafecard, ukash voucher or even online bank transfer. im not sure if this can be done or even how eASY OR hard these options are to set up but would like a response either way just so i know if it might be a possability.

thanks very much

coins and support for the game: 12/7/2014 11:40:51

Level 40
Thank you, finally someone supports this option.

Personally, I only used the free coins and won't be purchasing coins until my financial situation clears up, but I only see bright things ahead for Warlight. How does anyone expect this game to evolve without Fizzer working full time on the game, and enough cash to support the game? This option should bring some cash back into the game since Membership and map packs aren't doing shit.
coins and support for the game: 12/7/2014 15:37:37

Level 57

WarLight Creator
PayPal does support direct bank transfers. On their site you can link your bank account. The main reason we use PayPal is they support the most methods of payment. :)
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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