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NFL fan bases - requesting testing: 12/11/2014 09:37:49

Level 56
I'm wrapping up dev work on my first real world-based map:

Details are on the map page, but in a sentence, it's the contiguous US divided up by NFL team fan bases.

Anyone willing to help test? It's a mid-sized map (240 terrs) so I'm hoping it's pretty flexible as to the number of players. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

NFL fan bases - requesting testing: 12/11/2014 20:34:56

King C******* V
Level 58
Ill test it. I like the football.
NFL fan bases - requesting testing: 12/12/2014 04:27:28

Level 60
Pretty cool idea. How did you determine the boundaries? I know the NFL has some market map, did you start with that?
NFL fan bases - requesting testing: 12/13/2014 02:41:11

Level 56
@K.C. IV - Thanks, though I guess I'll just release v1.0 to the public since there doesn't seem to be anyone else interested in testing at the moment. I've played several games vs AI and it's pretty much balanced in this noob map maker's view. :P

@ChrisCMU - Thanks. How I determined the boundaries, as noted on the map page, started with some real research:

This map is based on data from social media, correlating geographic location with tweets and Facebook likes. Some teams' territories have been adjusted to make a playable WarLight map. Don't be offended if your favorite team has fewer territories or a smaller bonus than its arch-rival -- it's all for the sake of balanced gameplay!

Twitter source:

Facebook source:

I then divided up each team's bonus into 4-11 territories, such that each of the 8 NFL divisions has an even 30 territories across its 4 teams. I used the largest nearby cities or national parks to name the territories.

For the bonuses, I made a spreadsheet of each NFL team and applied a formula based on the number of territories and a couple other metrics to make easily defend-able bonuses (e.g. Seattle, Detroit, Buffalo) worth less.
NFL fan bases - requesting testing: 12/13/2014 03:08:42

Level 59
im always willing to test
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