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Another newbie needs a little advice.: 9/10/2010 22:07:03

Level 2
Need some advice on how to beat the Europe and the Insane levels. I found this site a couple of days ago, and I blew through the first 3 levels pretty easy. Then I encountered these two levels, and I can't get any footing to do anything. I know they are beatable, but I've never played anything like that. Thanks in advance.
Another newbie needs a little advice.: 9/10/2010 23:14:30

Level 54
There's a thread about Europe somewhere. Basically 2 schools of thought:

1. Send all or almost all of the 120 reinforcements to your ally, let him help.

2. Use the reinforcements yourself.

I've had better results with 1, but they will both work. The Insane challenge is a lot harder. It used to be called challenge 2, there's a thread about it.
Another newbie needs a little advice.: 9/11/2010 02:11:33

Level 2
I will give that a try. I think my jaw fell out of socket the first time I played the Europe one.
Another newbie needs a little advice.: 9/21/2010 12:13:47

Level 44
I used the first 2 sets of reinforcements myself, and sent the last one to prevent my ally from being utterly crushed...

I can't say how well it's worked, I've only played the map once so far, but i found that my ally used that, and the forces i sent him after i captured spain/portugal very poorly, and would only do it again early on to prevent the enemies gain of too many bonuses.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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