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coins game problem: 1/19/2015 19:46:01

Level 58
Hi everyone

it has been a few months since i played WL, and an hour ago i decided to check it out, and discovered the new coins system. So i decide to play the 100 coins graciously offered by fizzer in a small earth 1v1 game. My first game since a long time, and i am already experiencing some issues in the coins-game system. Did Fizzer seriously ignored the fact that there could be games ending as a draw? This is the case in my game now, so basically the winner is going to be the less stuborn player, that choses to give up his 80 coins and surrender. We can't vote to end!! how stupid is that? It is an 80 coins game so no biggy, but it does give me a very good reason to reconsider the deposit i wanted to make in order to play higher stakes games.
I don't know, maybe i am missing something here, so if any of you have a solution for this problem, feel free to help me out, because this game is still ongoing, and my opponent seems to be as stuborn as me, it's been one hour now that we do the same moves over and over again waiting for the opponent to give up :)
coins game problem: 1/19/2015 19:48:12

Level 57
I guess if you play on another map you won't run into a draw (that easily)
coins game problem: 1/19/2015 20:01:26

Level 58
OK so the game have just been deleted and my coins refunded. Cool, i still lost one hour of my life but it could have been worse.
What i don't know is if it has been deleted because some admin saw this thread, or because there is a time or round limit on coin games.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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