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The thing that happened to the Royal Falcons.: 2/8/2015 20:18:56

Level 59
This is ridiculous what happened to this clan. An alt of Darklordio, Flugmadur, or at least his supporter, was given manager rights (what a stupid mistake) and he booted EVERYONE else with manager rights, including the FOUNDER, Thomas 633, which is totally absurd. I think that there should be absolutely no option for the founder to be kicked out of his own clan that he paid for. Also, Flugmadur (=Darklordio?) framed ME, blaming me of changing the clan's page. This is not true since I was booted from the clan.

I ask Fizzer for help and restoring the Royal Falcons to their rightful owner Thomas 633.


The thing that happened to the Royal Falcons.: 2/9/2015 03:43:30

Level 58
If anyone has played clash of clans, you should be able to relate this to the clan system. A player is able to create a clan (in clash) using in game currency. Granted, in warlight (warzone lel) this must be done using real cash money. In both of these games, there is a specific warning about transferring over leadership and the risks involved. However, do you really expect supercell (creators of CoC) to respond to every request to "get my clan back"? Theres no way they possibly could. In both warlight and CoC, you also have to consider the person that conned the angry player out of their clan. Couldn't this person easily respond with "they gave it to me"? In anything such as this all players have to be treated equally by moderators. Playing favorites makes one side incredibly mad.

Considering all this, no ones going to stitch up the bullet wound in your foot from where you shot yourself.
The thing that happened to the Royal Falcons.: 2/9/2015 03:44:42

Level 58
Also, your spamming of the forums makes your case seem more and more desperate. Please keep the help forum to questions pertaining to things that matter, not your silly inter-clan politics,
The thing that happened to the Royal Falcons.: 2/9/2015 03:55:51

Level 55
It's not silly, it's fun.
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