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WarLight really changing its name?: 2/13/2015 04:43:33

[LN] General Iyarkonan
Level 53
I heard about this a couple times, then I realized how close its release could be to the very notoriously regular date, April 1st. I still don't know if this is true or no (but going off of the official post I saw, it's leaning towards true). Pls don't let it be true, cause then I'd make a forum post titled "rip warlight" and it'd make a bunch of people sad, including me D:

If it is true, I still think they should have a poll on whether or not its name should even change in the first place. WarLight VS Warzone, me thinks there's a pretty obvious choice.
WarLight really changing its name?: 2/13/2015 05:57:16

Master Turtle 
Level 60
You could have said this in one of the other threads.....
WarLight really changing its name?: 2/13/2015 07:11:45

Level 49
M-master nitori-sama! I didn't expect to see you here~ (please don't take my shirikodama!)
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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