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Suggestion - list participants in mail on mail tab: 2/25/2015 18:50:30

Level 60
Under here:

It shows all your mail threads. The problem is all you see is the title and who posted in it last. So, if you are like me and you are running a custom league with everyone sending you rosters, you have 30+ threads that say something like "roster for clan league" in the title. If I am the last to reply, then there is nothing in the list of mail threads that differentiate them. I have to click EVERY mail thread until I find the one from that person.

SO, I propose that instead of it saying "by ChrisCMU" under the title (for who sent the last message) should list the participants in the mail thread instead (or both if that works). If there are more than fit, it can truncate the list with "..." on the end. This would help A LOT. Right now, I still use chat games a lot because the mail system is such a pain in this way.
Suggestion - list participants in mail on mail tab: 2/25/2015 18:58:30

Level 32
Make a uservoice for this and link it here, I will be sure to vote for it. However it is lower on the list of priorities because it only effects a small amount of people. Dev work that effects 100% of the players is a bit higher priority. I totally userstand this would be a great feature request though and we will look into it as soon as we can.

UserVoice feature requests are looked at often. Perhaps you can get a few more votes by rallying your email buddies. :)
Suggestion - list participants in mail on mail tab: 2/25/2015 19:07:46

Level 60
I cannot post a new issue without taking votes away from something else. I have never really liked this because I have lots of good ideas on there, and many other people do as well.

I'd really like to see people that are deemed good contributors on there get more votes (maybe people who have ideas implemented get an extra vote added to their profile permanently, beyond the votes that get released when something is implemented).

In fact I have posted 4 ideas on these forums in the last week that people really like. So to post all those in uservoice I have to remove 4 votes from something else. I already have 4-5 postings on uservoice for ideas, so at that point I am probably capped out and cannot post another thing or vote for anything...despite the fact that I post very logical things (and do not spam uservoice with bad/duplicated ideas).

Edited 2/25/2015 19:11:10
Suggestion - list participants in mail on mail tab: 2/25/2015 19:19:17

Level 60
Just looked through my feedback. I have 8 ideas that I proposed, so there are 8/10 of my votes locked up.

I have another 2 that I voted for that got implemented, so those were given back.

I have another 2 that I started and got implemented, they were given back as well. In this case I think those people should be rewarded with an extra vote.

So I cannot even post the 4 ideas I have had on here in the last week. I only have 2 votes I can actually release by removing from someone else's idea. But I find them very important:

-Extra invite lists, sub categories, etc
-Tournament filters

Both are needed BADLY.

Edited 2/25/2015 19:19:26
Suggestion - list participants in mail on mail tab: 2/25/2015 22:02:07

Level 60
There is also the issue of I think a great suggestion that only has 9 votes of mine (because I think people use up their votes and do not un-vote unless they need to post something new):
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