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Bad picks are bad.: 2/26/2015 20:22:45

Level 58
I won this game, but I want you to note something odd that my opponent did.

Picking 3 territories ftw, i guess? XD.

I know i know i almost lost in the beginning, but still. He needs to learn to pick better. And hey, i managed to steam roll him in the end.

If you want to analyze it fully, go right ahead.
Bad picks are bad.: 2/26/2015 20:32:14

Level 57
You said in chat:
a word of advice next time: Pick double the amount of picks you are going to get.


Not very nice of you to post games about how your opponent played bad, however since he is on my BL I'm cool with that this time ;)

I haven't really played autogames in almost two years now. Is it possible that the playing strength has declined? I remember that players with 50% win rates (kind of) knew what they were doing? Maybe it's because now there are more options. For non members autogames were the only way to play with reasonable settings (16% luck) back then.

Edit: Ah, just checked, it's a ladder game. OK, on the ladder (almost) everyone ends up with 50%.

Edited 2/26/2015 20:34:31
Bad picks are bad.: 2/26/2015 20:36:08

Level 58
I just wanted to post this particular one since we both played kinda odd, and he played quite stupidly.
Bad picks are bad.: 2/27/2015 16:19:26

Muten Rōshi
Level 58
he should never have gotten pakistan
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