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Bug?? AI getting locked in arms race.: 2/27/2015 23:52:53

Level 3
I was playing a 2 vs 2 game with AI and observed that two of the AIs were locked in a race to outbid each other. Even after I had defeated one AI and surrendered, they continued to keep adding units to one territory only. Wondering if this is a known bug.

Image link:


Regular single player setting with 4 territories to start with.

Edited 2/28/2015 00:05:17
Bug?? AI getting locked in arms race.: 3/2/2015 22:48:17

Level 58
I have no idea if this is a bug or whatnot but it actually cracks me up just seeing this.
Bug?? AI getting locked in arms race.: 3/2/2015 23:08:15

Level 59

I just... can't understand that.
Bug?? AI getting locked in arms race.: 3/2/2015 23:40:52

Thomas 633
Level 56
I think that they don't attack unless they own double the armies or something
Bug?? AI getting locked in arms race.: 3/3/2015 05:36:41

Level 59

There was this one team game where the opposing team was already defeated and they only had one territory left with like 10000 armies. Well our team had like 20000 armies. An AI on our team attacked the last person on the opposing team and basically surrounded him. The AI then started buffing up its borders, and then I gave the AI the stacks of armies, thinking that it would "finish the job."

What I did not expect was that since two of the AIs territories border the single territory that the opposing team had, both of these AI territories were buffed up to 10000 in an attempt to match the amount of 10000 on the opposing team's territory. The AI ended up distributing its income evenly to both of its territories, instead of one.

The terrible thing was that the AI didn't attack. It had 2 stacks of 10000 armies, but since neither of them were significantly more than the opposing team's stack of 10000, the AI just stood there, and did... NOTHING...

Problem was, I couldn't get past the AI and kill the last player on their team because the AI's huge stacks of 10000 were blocking the way, which resulted in like 20 additional turns before I managed to kill the AI and get through to that last player.

Think of it like this:
Territory A is owned by the enemy and has 10000 armies.
Territory B is owned by the AI on our team and has 10000 armies.
Territory C is owned by the AI on our team and has 10000 armies.

The enemy has an income of 500.
The AI has an income of 1000.

All three of these territories border each other.

Unlike a normal human who would have had the common sense of stacking these two 10000 armies together from territory B and territory C to form an attack of 20000, the AI has nothing that stops it from doing the same deployment cycle over and over again.

Because every turn it would be something like this:
Enemy deploys 500 armies in territory A.
AI deploys 500 armies in territory B.
AI deploys 500 armies in territory C.

Which ended up being:
Territory A has 10500 armies.
Territory B has 10500 armies.
Territory C has 10500 armies.

Which meant that if this continued on FOREVER, without human intervention, then territory A = territory B = territory C

AIs don't attack if they don't have almost twice as many armies as the enemy on their territory, so its kind of like... just... STUCK... there and does nothing but stack for the rest of the whole game until all of ethernity... and possibly beyond.

I mean, I understand that stacking the two 10000 armies together on one territory would just leave the other territory open, but the thing is, the AI could attack the enemy straight on with both stacks of 10000 and win, but its not wired enought to think like that, and relies on its basic concept of owned territory to enemy territory information, not owned territory compared to other owned territories in its surroundings to enemy territory information.

The logic of code is hard. I almost lost myself there.
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