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Looking for a Clan: 2/28/2015 19:31:26

Level 41
Hi guys,

I am looking for ways to improve my Warlight skills, so I thought it would be a good idea to join a clan. I am a physics student from Germany and a decent, friendly guy =)
  • won 58% of ranked games on Strategic 1v1 (Earth) - 39 of 67 games
  • won 87 % of 3v3 games (mostly Rise of Rome) - 13 of 15
Won overall 56 of 86 ranked games:

If my level (which is low due to an ad-blocker, which is why I get less points for a win) doesn't scare you and you are looking for someone eager to learn, message me! And please no offers of Clans with average 1v1 win percentage less than 50%, cause I wanna learn something ;)

Feel free to send a message or invite me to a game!

Looking for a Clan: 2/28/2015 19:43:16

Level 59
Ill make a Strategic 1v1 Game with you
Looking for a Clan: 2/28/2015 19:49:59

Level 56
If you're interested, send me a message. REGL is recruiting. We have a loose, friendly environment, a competitive ladder within the clan, and a site to organize on.
Looking for a Clan: 2/28/2015 19:52:02

Level 58
I'd recommend you to disable adblock for warlight; you'll find it to be much better than the "ad failed to display" pop-up.

Also, you should contact clans; don't let them contact you. Check them out and see which one you'd want to join:
Looking for a Clan: 2/28/2015 23:52:12

Level 41
Thanks for all answers, and especially thank you Hennns for your tip with Adblock. I checked a bunch of clans and decided to apply to the one I found most suitable for me :)
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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