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A warning:: 3/9/2015 17:11:28

Level 5
Skill is not permanent. This allows newcomers to get better, but it

also allows good players to worsen over time if they stop investing in

skill. Consider: if one masters an instrument and then refuses to pick

it up for two years, he will sound like a dying cat when he picks it

up again.

This leads us to a problem: several of Warlight's historically best

players have grown lazy. They feel that since they reached the very

height of skill, they do not have to work anymore to be the best.

I'm looking at you, [20]. I'm looking at you, Apex. WM. Szeweningen.

Gnuffone. Latnox. And others.

I will not write this warning again. If you do not get your shit together, you will find that the next generation has

overcome you, and that you are suddenly, merely an average player who

used to be good.


A warning:: 3/9/2015 17:30:42

Level 60
you will find that the next generation has

overcome you, and that you are suddenly, merely an average player who

used to be good.

I've been sincerely hoping for that moment to come for many years now, one of the reasons many of old players are inactive is precisely that there isn't enough good new opposition. If that next generation wants to party, you can always invite me to a 960 mme game.
A warning:: 3/9/2015 17:50:20

Level 57
I'm looking at [...]

Yeah, after M'Hunters has won the great Norman awards ( there is just nothing to achieve any longer and people get lazy :( It's just that once you have won the Norman awards everything is so completely pointless. There was a bell at the top and we reached it. Now the Norman awards are closed and everything else is just a tiny add-on.
A warning:: 3/9/2015 18:28:52

Level 59
I think people just get tired of playing and move on to the next thing. I've been playing for 5 months now and this is already the longest amount of time I've ever spent using a smartphone app (social media notwithstanding)
A warning:: 3/9/2015 20:35:18

Level 40
longest amount of time I've ever spent using a smartphone app
You're trying too hard. No one else uses the app if they have the option to use the PC version, and if they do, then they're fucking retarded
A warning:: 3/9/2015 21:20:57

Level 60
I use my phone all the time just so I don't have to start up my computer. Also use insults other than "retarded". Makes you come off as an asshole.
A warning:: 3/9/2015 22:03:01

Des {TJC}
Level 58
Jeff the problem is, Lawlz IS an asshole, and he/she/it doesn't care about what anyone else thinks. Regardless.

I think a lot of the older players are just waiting for more competition and people to challenge their skills.
A warning:: 3/9/2015 22:21:15

Level 60
seems to me what is needed is an overall rating system, with every game played counting towards individual ratings. This might even negate the use of the ladders, but if every game is rated and a nominal amount of that rating was simply for taking part in the game then the old guard would need to play more to assert their rating superiority.
Not sure how the initial ratings would be calculated (possibly just from games won / number of opponants) but there is a system already i believe to rate games so if it were possible to implement for every game played, i think it would increase participation with people playing with the aim of upping their overall rating
A warning:: 3/9/2015 22:45:56

Master Turtle 
Level 60
Bad approach my friend :P

Szeweningen has a great point though.... How the retired players quit because their was no "new" opposition.
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