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Saved Games / Data Storage Issue: 3/24/2015 08:15:23

Dublin Warrior
Level 40
Actually, rating a few maps is probably tons easier than beating the Crazy Challenge level,
but I did beat it. WOOT!!! :D

I went to bed about 8am that morning because I share a computer and I wasn't gonna risk someone else (or myself) clearing the browser cache on a Crazy Challenge game that I was
actually holding my own / winning.

I haven't really looked at exactly where Adobe stores the data,
or whether or not I can safely save or transfer that information someplace else, like a personal folder, or a USB drive.

If anyone can help with my data storage questions, that'd be awesome.
Saved Games / Data Storage Issue: 3/24/2015 13:38:32

Level 56
If you use Windows and if Flash stores data on your computer it will store it in a folder contained within this directory:

%AppData%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects

Warlight may store single player data on a server linked with your profile though.
Saved Games / Data Storage Issue: 3/25/2015 03:50:46

Dublin Warrior
Level 40
Okay... any idea if I can save that data to a USB drive, and then add it to said folder whenever I want to play?

I meant to write about this a while back, then I found an apparent bug in the Crazy Challenge Level where an AI got 12 armies... which I just now realized wasn't a bug...
but I went to go write about it, and I lost the game data... so I couldn't even play, let alone report it. :P
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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