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Appeal for Lost Points - possible?: 3/28/2015 18:36:12

M. Poireau
Level 53
I recently played a real-time game which should have won me an enormous number of points (I can link, if that's necessary for some reason).

However, I had a computer issue for a moment, so I used a friend's computer to keep playing while mine rebooted, then played on from my phone.

Since my friend's browser had an Adblocker active, I didn't end up earning those points.

Is there anything I can do, or something I can appeal to, to get those points back? I never use an Adblocker on Warlight, and played most of that game without one.

If you know something, please share!

I'm pretty sure I can guess the answer to this already, but it doesn't hurt to ask, and I'm probably not the only one this has ever happened to. Thanks!
Appeal for Lost Points - possible?: 3/28/2015 18:43:53

Level 59
Please provide the link. It is always helpful.

You don't loose points before a significant number of Ads have failed. (that is 5 in a row.) Therfore it sounds a bit odd if you only used his computer while your rebooted, to hit 5 failed ads...

No there isn't any way you can apeal to get thoose points back. If you feel that you have a really stong case try contacting anyone in this "clan."

Also, note that after fixing the issue, it can take up to 10 normal ad-views before points revert to giving full amounts again (each ad-view will increase points earned by about 10%).

Edited 3/28/2015 18:48:23
Appeal for Lost Points - possible?: 3/29/2015 02:39:13

M. Poireau
Level 53
Thanks, that's helpful. It's really a bit unfortunate.

The reason I hit at least that many adblocks is because it was a 2 min real-time game - the turns were coming fast!

It's really unfortunate, I should have earned almost 100,000 points for that game (cut in half for real-time, that's still almost 50,000). And most of it is for achievements and things I can't receive points for again, so the opportunity is lost.

I'll send them a message. Maybe they will see that it's the only time I've ever played games with an Adblock active (and only for 10-20 minutes, at that) and take mercy on me!
Appeal for Lost Points - possible?: 3/29/2015 02:39:44

M. Poireau
Level 53
Appeal for Lost Points - possible?: 3/31/2015 06:30:47

Dublin Warrior
Level 40
I wish to delete my post as unnecessary. :P

Edited 3/31/2015 06:31:53
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