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need help from fizzeeeer: 4/3/2015 22:03:30

Level 61
So Me and bitchtastic ally awesome 2.0 beta my names troy her names tearza they're both my accounts technically I played on awesome before all the new features went inactive for awhile and came back and it just lagged hard on that account so I made this one eventually that account started working again so I gave it to my girlfriend problem is now everyone thinks we are the same person... and sometimes we are I guess on multiday games well make moves for each other question is how can we sort this? Since I'm being asked for email verifacations
need help from fizzeeeer: 4/3/2015 22:32:10

Level 56
I've read what you've written a couple of times, and I' still not certain what you're trying to say. Some punctuation might make it read better.
Is the problem you're being asked to verify your email a lot because you're accessing an account from different computers, or that other players don't recognise when you or your girlfriend is playing?

If it's the latter I don't think Fizzer can do much about it.
need help from fizzeeeer: 4/3/2015 23:13:28

Level 59
I think he is saying that he has two or more accounts with the same email. (And therefore he can and have only verified one.) The consequence is that the other accounts cannot be used before they are verified, and they cannot be verified as they have the main accounts email.
need help from fizzeeeer: 4/4/2015 00:44:47

Level 61
Sorry t best was close but I have 2 accounts my girlfriend uses one and I use this one I've verified both emails which are separate simply don't which to encounter another situation like this in the future
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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