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PLS! Improve the Invitation tab & mailing system!: 4/18/2015 11:28:49

Level 58
Are there any projects currently about improving the game's invation tabs??

First of all, thanks Fizzer to have greatly improved the Tournament section, there, you can now invite people who are your friends or members of your clan and search people by name.

And it would be great if those improvements could be also implemented in games' invitation tabs ! This could be really useful first of all for clans, we often in CORP make internal clan games but everytime we have to open the players' list and look for each members of our clan manually which takes an eternity to do so...

Another thing which could be improved: the Warlight mailing system... It would be way easier to be able to type a player's name, instead of having to manually again select in that damn dropdown list with thousand of Warlight players on it... Last but not least, allow us to send mails to a greater number of players (as currently you can only send mails to 15/20 players).

Edited 4/18/2015 11:29:18
PLS! Improve the Invitation tab & mailing system!: 4/18/2015 13:12:36

Level 57
Great ideas!
That damned dropbox!
PLS! Improve the Invitation tab & mailing system!: 4/18/2015 13:59:02

Level 58
well I am sure Fizzer is already thinking about improving them, the question is when will we see those improvements becoming a reality?

Edited 4/18/2015 14:00:13
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