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Territory links often not showing in chat: 4/24/2015 22:23:53

Level 41

since I started playing Warlight, I keep having an issue that is really bothering me. Often, but not always, no links will show up in team chat when I Ctrl+Click a territory. Same thing is true for Shift+Click in public chat, which will not work either.

I can't really reproduce this, it happens like 70% of the time, but not always. Its really frustrating to describe the territories you are talking about in team chat all the time without being able to provide a clickable link.

So anybody has had the same issue? Any ideas how to solve this? What can be the underlying cause for this problem?

Thanks in advance


Browser: Iceweasel (Firefox 31.5) with addons NoScript (allowed all), Adblock Edge (allowed all on this site), Request Policy (google analytics disabled)
Territory links often not showing in chat: 4/24/2015 22:49:05

Level 58
Shift+click -> public chat
Ctrl+click -> team chat (goes to public if it's not a team game)

Both works for private chat.

if it doesn't work, did you try to refresh the page? :p

Edited 4/24/2015 22:51:06
Territory links often not showing in chat: 4/24/2015 23:53:11

Level 41
I feel stupid for not even having the idea to refresh the page. Refreshing seems to work, thank you for the advice. Works as expected now.

I still don't know why it happens in the first place, but I can live with this solution.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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