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Suggestion: Reputation Votes: 5/6/2015 05:03:18

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 50
So, before I make a UserVoice for this, I just wanted to see what everyone thinks about the option to vote for a player's rep. Everyday, each player on WarLight gets three votes. At the end of the game, a list of the players pops up with a brief profile of them, and players can vote once per game for whichever person they think played the best. Maybe for every so many votes, we could get a level-up?
Suggestion: Reputation Votes: 5/6/2015 05:19:06

Level 55
You'd suffer from this greatly. So would I, Lawlz and a couple others.

Edited 5/6/2015 05:19:18
Suggestion: Reputation Votes: 5/6/2015 05:55:22

Mitchell Wong
Level 39
What would stop a user from creating minis and up-voting themselves? Maybe the up-vote needs to be from a higher-level player?

I like the idea of it. Not sure how to execute it well though. If you succeed, people also might be able to avoid playing toxic people (Stalling, excessive swearing, etc.)
Suggestion: Reputation Votes: 5/6/2015 07:18:04

{rp} eisenheim
Level 57
Players can avoid toxic players by playing on the ladders or with players they know. But you can't eliminate that possibility entirely.

What defines a "higher-level" player ? Above Level 55 ? That's easy to attain. Reputation ? Everyone has an opinion about the other ? Clans ? No that would be too controversial.

This system depends on the participants to be entirely objective, something I doubt most casual players have the time for. Its way too prone to abuse.
Suggestion: Reputation Votes: 5/6/2015 10:11:11

Level 57
wouldnt work to many alts, you would have to create alts and upvote yourself just to be seen
Suggestion: Reputation Votes: 5/6/2015 16:56:34

Level 60
Too easy to abuse.
Suggestion: Reputation Votes: 5/7/2015 13:25:52

[WL] Colonel Harthacanute
Level 50
I see... I will rethink this idea, because I think it might be a great contribution.
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