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Warlight math contest preparation: 5/9/2015 20:16:07

Level 60

I just want to scout if there is any interest in a math contest among fellow Warlight players. I'm not sure about the format yet, but probably it'd be sth like me posting 10 problems and you have 5-6 hours total to finish as many as you can. Probably the level would be ranging from high school natinal olympiad to IMO with maybe 1-2 problems from competitions like Putnam. Avoiding the necessity to have the knowledge of higher mathematics would allow more player to participate if there would be no age restritions. Grading would be standard, 0,2,5 or 6 points for every problem. Depending on interest I could check the solutions myself or someone else could help me.

So, are you interested?
Warlight math contest preparation: 5/9/2015 21:18:21

master of desaster 
Level 64
Sounds cool. Maybe i won't be able to participate but solving mathematical problems is fun.
Warlight math contest preparation: 5/9/2015 21:30:09

Level 62
I'm interested.

BTW, since when is the grading system 0, 2, 5, 6 standard? As far as I know it is used only in Polish Mathematical Olympiad.
Warlight math contest preparation: 5/9/2015 21:47:02

Level 60
Yeah, I may have generalised. Indeed it's taken from Polish MO, I just thoguht it's a very healthy way to go about grading the solutions, since there are relatively clear distinctions between 0,2,5,6 points. It might as well be 0,3,8,10 for simplicity.
Warlight math contest preparation: 5/9/2015 22:08:16

Level 49
Hah, you probably recognize me from one polish forum and know that I could be interested :P. But I think that IMO-type problems is a pretty narrow area and I guess you won't find that many interested people. Though we will see :P.

Btw 0256 is cool :P. Who said that it has to be "internationally standard" :P?
Warlight math contest preparation: 5/9/2015 22:51:56

Level 60
Oh, I did not know you played warlight :) I actually remember you being a smartass on back when you were in secondary school. Then later when I was studying you were apparently winning everything in PMO. I never knew you started playing warlight. In any case you're probably more qualified than anyone to check solutions/post problems rather than participate. I only thought about Olympiad level, because it does not require a lot of initial knowledge. Also I could post 15 problems instead of 10 with first 5 being a "warm-up" so that even more people could participate. I don't think you are suggesting more people would be interested if the level was higher than IMO?
Warlight math contest preparation: 5/10/2015 00:06:58

Beren • apex 
Level 62
I'd be interested depending on what the format is.
Warlight math contest preparation: 5/10/2015 00:11:26

Level 52
Polish people : smarter than you think.

(I happen to be polak blood myself)
Warlight math contest preparation: 5/10/2015 00:18:45

Level 56
Will the level of problems be equal to Gandalf Pedro666's exercises? I mean that type of problems when you are obligated to have some knowledge but the main thing is to be creative with finding solutions. Something like Kangaroo competition, maybe you've heard about it. And how would you describe the high school olympiad level? I've participated in it only at middle school so I don't know how high skills would be needed. Does it include differentials, integrals or some stuff like that?
Warlight math contest preparation: 5/10/2015 00:24:30

Level 58
i'm only 25% polak but i'd like to participate :)
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