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L55 with 131 games: 5/14/2015 21:54:49

Level 55
how can this happen?

117 ranked games, 96.1% real-time.
ranked 47th on the RT ladder, but 1v1 stat is 8/19 (42%)
only the 3v3 stat is outstanding: 28/63 (44%)

and the level is 55.

not that I've got an issue with this player in person, but can't understand how this can happen.

Edited 5/14/2015 21:55:14
L55 with 131 games: 5/14/2015 22:01:20

Level 58
There's many ways, the most obvious one is if he transferred his account from kongregate (keep lvl, every other stat start at 0). Ofc I can't know for sure, but it's not unusual with accounts similar to that one
L55 with 131 games: 5/14/2015 22:04:48

Level 55
ah didn't know about kongregate. possible, reasonable. thanks
L55 with 131 games: 5/14/2015 22:15:17

master of desaster 
Level 64
you get also Points every day if you're ranked high in a ladder. in the seasonal ladder it gives the Points when the season Ends. Not the reason for his Level in that case.
L55 with 131 games: 5/14/2015 22:25:41

Level 56
I must have played around 40 ish games on Kong then transferred, by the time I was at 200 ranked games I was 54, I'm pretty terrible to be honest (as can be seen by every stat I have) so I have no idea how on earth I somehow ranked up so quickly and it also makes no sense when I see level 40+ players who manage to outplay me easily yet have 500+ ranked games, I assumed that Kong gave some sort of stat boost but I guess not.

P.s. I don't do lotteries.
L55 with 131 games: 5/14/2015 23:54:19

Level 61
How is that 3v3 stat outstanding?
L55 with 131 games: 5/15/2015 08:41:51

Level 60
by the way, i believe in the 1vs ladder the top 30 get points from their rank, but when that started there were fewer than 50 ladder players, now there are over 30, shuld that change anything?

when i started rightign this i thought it should, at the end i dissagree but decided to post it anyway
L55 with 131 games: 5/16/2015 13:09:42

Level 55
How is that 3v3 stat outstanding?

well, that stat is not much interesting by itself; but considering the other ones, due to the number of 3v3 games played, it takes attention. that's what I meant. maybe "outstanding" isn't the right word - English isn't my first language.

Edited 5/16/2015 13:10:54
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