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Thinking of making a forum notification center: 5/25/2015 22:54:31

҈ TeeMee123 ҈
Level 46
It can be a pain going to the forum section and performing several clicks *such effort* to check if any new threads have been started or the threads you are interested in have had activity, so I am thinking of making some .exe program to notify you when a new topic comes up or posts come up on a thread in a list of favorites. I probably could do it on vb, and it would give me something to do over the summer :P Let me know if you like the idea

Edited 5/25/2015 22:55:24
Thinking of making a forum notification center: 5/26/2015 02:01:46

Level 57
Love the idea!
Thinking of making a forum notification center: 5/26/2015 02:06:10

Level 52
On my phone, i always leave a page open for warlight forum.

Specifically, i leave at a passage i access like this:

Go to community tab.

Make sure you're in the dashboard sub-tab.

Look at notable forum posts, look down a little and click recent Forum posts, or all Forum posts.

You see a page of all of the threads, throughout the forums.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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