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no, for real: 5/28/2015 07:16:08

Level 57
The current 1v1 No.1 last completed a game a month ago. Most of the games I see on his record are expired.

It honestly makes me not want play the ladder. I achieved a higher rank within one week than my inviter, SuperSereal ever has. SuperSereal is better than me. No doubt. I think I am going to lose one game to Robert E Lee. Should I drag it out a month? For a higher rank? Perverse incentives.

Edited 5/28/2015 21:58:14
no, for real: 5/28/2015 08:37:25

Level 65
As far as i remember, this guy always plays slowly (you can check stats in his profile). So on what basis you can accuse him of delaying losses?

Edited 5/28/2015 12:54:25
no, for real: 5/28/2015 09:26:21

Ctrl Alt Delete ♦ ɌeLite ♦ 
Level 60
if he was stalling wouldnt he play more then 2 games at the same time? If you ain't sure or atleast have decent proof don't post this on the forum.
no, for real: 5/28/2015 12:33:58

Math Wolf 
Level 62
There is exactly 1 player on Warlight who plays slower than me.
He's currently on top of the ladder.
no, for real: 5/28/2015 14:25:01

Level 59
If you don't think he should be #1, then you take #1 to prove him wrong. Simple
no, for real: 5/28/2015 14:28:03

Level 57
I definitely don't think its intentional stalling. He's clearly very good. I just wish the ladder moved quicker.

Edited 5/28/2015 14:28:17
no, for real: 5/28/2015 14:48:10

Level 55
The original number one, Doushibag(yeah, that was his name) maintained number one for quite sometime until he had 5 games in which he inevitably had to surrender. Regardless of the algorithm employed, this problem exists in any ladder I've ever participated in. Eventually they do have to lose though lol
no, for real: 5/28/2015 19:27:23

Beren • apex 
Level 62
Don't sell yourself short, Math Wolf. It says your average speed is 1 day 14 hours. ACL Tears' speed is only 1 day 8 hours. You've still got the title!
no, for real: 5/28/2015 20:09:04

Gevatter Tod 
Level 56
Go play real time. Dont blame anyone else but yourself that you arent.
no, for real: 5/28/2015 21:57:17

Level 57
I usually do. It's too bad there isn't a real time strategic 1v1. I don't care for many of the other templates they employ.

And I was probably a little harsh earlier. People get busy.

Edited 5/28/2015 21:58:35
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