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Variant Idea: 1/15/2011 05:36:23

Level 44
I was talking to someone the other day that was watching me play this.. and he gave the idea of a variant that might be interesting...

It would of course have to be player operated like the Hunt Variant but...

each player gets a group of territories, size is based on players discretion.. a bonus perhaps, less, etc. Selected and visible to all other players. Each player then writes down *or in this case PM's the Admin player, similar to Hunt variant* the location that is his *capital*. when your capital is taken, you're defeated, aka, surrender. last man standing wins. He gave the example of, if say the US started WWIII, adn captured SA and Africa, then the continental US was captured.. it'd kill the US's will to fight, and thus they'd be defeated, *for all practical purposes*

not sure how it would be settled if more then one person lost their capital on the last turn, perhaps a point system similar to hunt for who captures capitals.. just an interesting Idea I'd like the communities feedback on.
Variant Idea: 1/15/2011 12:43:02

Level 49
Nice idea, I like it.

Capital can be visible to all palyers too.
Variant Idea: 1/15/2011 13:25:46

Level 3
Be sure to invite me if you run a test game!
Variant Idea: 1/18/2011 00:34:50

Blue Precision 
Level 32
I like the idea a lot. I have played a few variants of this in regular risk, one being that you need to hold a certain number of capitals to win the game (or all of them). However in your idea you lose if your capital is overtaken, even if you hold other peoples previously stated capitals. Is this correct? Or do you just always need to be holding onto one of the designated capitals? Either way, I like the idea and would be active in using it if this became a scenario.
Variant Idea: 1/18/2011 01:28:09

Level 44
the idea as i was given was if you lost your capital you lose.. IE, if the US owned london and washington got nuked.. it wouldn't prevent the US from collapsing in on itself..

and the person that told me about it said he had played a risk type game before that has this variant which is where he got the idea from.. of course either idea could work Blue, it would really only matter that the rules are consistent through that game session and known to the players, as i see it..
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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