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Looking for a clan: 6/21/2015 00:31:22

Level 39
I play a mixture of games really. I like zombie games, although that's probably not really something clans do. I play a lot of diplo, although I am best at 1v1, 2v2, and any team games really (I'm not a fan of large FFAs, so I don't count 2v2v2v2v2v2v2v2 and so on as a proper team game). I'm just looking for a clan that will allow me to dip in and out of the game a little (I never stop playing entirely, but sometimes I reduce down to 5 games or less), and that I can learn from, have fun with, compete in tournaments and stuff like that. My 19.3% bootrate is mainly due to me going on holiday not realising I would have no wifi, but hopefully that's not too high for most clans.
Looking for a clan: 6/21/2015 00:53:07

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 57
Other then the 19.3% boot rate you sound Perfect for almost any Clan.

Just go to the clans page on community and look at some clans and find one you like.

Edited 6/21/2015 00:53:41
Looking for a clan: 6/21/2015 01:21:13

Level 57
Also, you might consider talking to players that are in games with you. If you hit it off with them, you may ask if they would introduce you to their clan.
Looking for a clan: 6/21/2015 01:21:42

Level 58
I like zombie games

I know that The Lost Wolves used to do a few zombie world diplos while I was part of them.

But, MightySpeck is right, just go around and read clan pages. Most of us try to be pretty clear about what our clan has to offer (for example, at CORP we just list some of the major member perks at the very bottom of the clan page).
Looking for a clan: 6/21/2015 12:28:27

Level 39
Ok, thank you all!
Looking for a clan: 6/21/2015 15:33:05

[Wolf] Relmcheatham
Level 56
contact semicedevine...he usually does zombie games...tell him to invite you to a few and you can join us for a few games (dont have to be in our clan)

Edited 6/21/2015 16:13:29
Posts 1 - 6 of 6   

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