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Alternate Winning Conditions: 6/26/2015 20:33:37

Level 58
As known, I like short games. I like small maps. And, I like general pandemonium during play. One thing I would like to change is a winning conditions set. In some games, the map becomes balanced, and the players quite good. In this case, the game would never end. Anytime someone gets a lead, the others crush that player back to size. Thus, the cycle just goes on and one until either someone suicides out of boredom or we vote to end.

If there were a couple of other winning conditions, that would change the dynamics. For example, at turn 75, the winner could be the person with the second or third most armies (can't be the most or it rewards the person who hides in Madagascar and just builds every turn).

It could be some sort of capture the flag, where the player must have controlled certain areas either at one time, or at some point during the game.

I am pretty open, but it would be nice to have the option.
Alternate Winning Conditions: 6/26/2015 20:37:48

Level 59
Alternate Winning Conditions: 6/26/2015 21:37:45

M. Poireau
Level 53
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