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Namib Picking in Europe 3v3, Part I: 7/8/2015 21:25:16

Level 56

The picks turned out surprisingly well, so obviously this is a great template for Namib picking! We achieved better picks with 8 randomly chosen, than the average picks we make with 24!! This is astounding news!!! Further testing is needed!!!!
Namib Picking in Europe 3v3, Part I: 7/8/2015 21:43:14

Level 60
I don't understand, you are saying you got better picks allowing random picks than what you'd get manually? If that is the case, you are terrible at picking. Sorry to be harsh, but that is the case if your results are better that way. Picks like Turkey are horrible on Europe.

Or, are you suggesting that people play Europe 3v3 where both teams pick that way, and you end up with a better GAME (you certainly don't end up with better picks)? If you are saying that, I disagree. All that does is take the skill out of picking (why not just auto pick?).
Namib Picking in Europe 3v3, Part I: 7/9/2015 00:08:56

Level 59
Or perhaps I'm just having a fun time with Namib picking? You take me too seriously. xD
Namib Picking in Europe 3v3, Part I: 7/9/2015 00:14:22

Fallen Angel
Level 55
Besides, there is an art to proper Namib picking. In this case you are left with 4 chosen picks (probably) plus eight randoms, so you need to make the 'right' 4 chosen picks. Very tough to do
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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