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No More Banking!: 7/9/2015 16:10:02

Level 51
It's the worst idea ever! Waiting 8 minutes every turn (inevitable in games with more than 5 players), just kills the game.

Even worse is when you've been playing for 20 turns, the opponent's banking has increased to 15 minutes or whatever, and so he goes to lunch, and then the game is let hanging for 15 minutes.

No more banking please
No More Banking!: 7/9/2015 16:12:54

Level 57
simply create games with fixed or no banking time
No More Banking!: 7/9/2015 16:26:02

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
If you don't like a setting simply don't play with it. Why remove functionality when it is not required for gameplay? Just because you don't like something doesn't mean others feel the same.
No More Banking!: 7/9/2015 16:45:49

Level 58
Some settings can be used rather poorly. The WL real-time "Fast" setting is a pretty good example of Banking being used right- 3 min boot + 5 min (fixed) banked time is a great guarantee that the game won't last forever.

But most games on Open Games are made by players who barely understand WL settings and probably can't even tell you why 3v2's don't always work in 0% luck. So duh, you're going to have some crap games there, especially if you're playing RT because you're impatient.

That doesn't mean the setting needs to go for everyone. Most good players know how to use it effectively.
No More Banking!: 7/9/2015 17:25:56

Level 59
Don't play in games with banking, simple as!
No More Banking!: 7/10/2015 00:21:23

Level 56
Banked time is really useful in multi-day games, imo. I don't know why people don't use it more. I almost always take my turns at least once a day, but occasionally I can't get on one day. So a 25 hour limit with something like 20% bank for 5 turns is perfect. As long as I usually take my turn once a day, I don't get booted; and as long as everyone else usually takes their turn once a day, I don't mind occasionally waiting 2 days if they can't.

Edited 7/10/2015 00:21:46
No More Banking!: 7/10/2015 04:17:52

Level 56
Yeah I agree with knyte. 5 minutes fixed banking works really well. It's enough time to go to the bathroom, get something to eat quickly, etc.
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