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Cheating: 7/13/2015 20:16:34

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
Can warlight do something about cheating?
For example:
the host starts with 2 armies and the rest with none and without income, therefore the host will automatically win the game.

I hate it when people create settings where the host abviously win the game before the game even started!
I would suggest to do someting (remove those games by bots or something) before the whole open game tab is full of these ridiculous games. Also I would like to see that actions will be taken against the cheating player (mostly the host)
Cheating: 7/13/2015 20:20:55

Level 58
100:1 that Fizzer won't implement this. Right now, all we can do is blacklist.

One blacklist isn't enough, obviously, so what my clan (at least) has taken to doing is blacklisting these players as a clan (so 95 blacklists instead of one). If we were able to maintain widespread blacklisting of such players and effectively avoid them as a collective, then they won't be an issue anymore.
Cheating: 7/13/2015 20:22:47

Level 52
It is rather sad. The worst part is people are just so dumb about such things.

To prove my point, i once made a rigged lottery on the cow map. It filed in a few mins, and people acted shocked when i won.
Cheating: 7/13/2015 20:23:37

Level 52
And i titled the game

" Rigged Lottery "
Cheating: 7/13/2015 20:56:08

Level 56
it is your own fault if you join a game which is called "Rigged Lottery" :D

Edited 7/13/2015 21:00:25
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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